Game keeps bombing out while I am fighting raids

I just lost 2 raids while just starting them, I have been having this problem for a few days now ever since I updated my game. I have had 3 updates within a week and I keep getting kicked out of the game. I can’t even complete leveling up a player and then I get disconnected.

This is an amazing game but all these problems this past week is making me doubt completing it. I also have a problem with when I buy gems to get elemental heroes I just get 3 stars, I don’t get any heroes of real value and it’s very frustrating.

Me too. Ever since the newest update, I keep getting kicked out with the message that connection was lost although it’s great, same as always. It has cost me quite a few raids; the last one just now when I literally saw the last standing hero vanish in the puff of smoke but sadly didn’t make it to the victory screen :persevere:

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