Game issues


Hello there,
I have a problem. I’m playing this Game from couple of months and i have lvl 27 and JUST one 4* hero. I buyed VIP and some gems offers. IM asking myself Why is So difficult to win 4* pr 5*. With lvl 27 and daily player i expect At least something good. My daughter have lvl 19 and 4 heros 4*. IM not Happy with this bad Luck at all. Give me something good, not just Take money and giving me only 4*. I’m waiting for a respons. If nothing changes, I will delete this game. Good Day!


What level is your training camp?

  1. IM Working hard to upgrade 19


Are you running level 13 regularly?

Lots of people at that stage run a couple of tc13 and get a reasonable return of 4* heroes.

Apologies if this is all basic stuff, but seems unusual for you to be struggling if you are running two tc13 daily.


IM useing train 13 oft, but No Luck. Only douple ganger. IM really Fed up! This Game is Makeing too much fun of me :frowning:



May not be the answer you want, but delete the game. It will never get better. If you play long enough and have extreme patience, you will get 4* and 5*, but it is a slow process. I would also say build up the training centers to 13 and 20 and just run them until you get a good draw.


There are a lot of people that win 4 and 5* A-T the begining. Those from Giant games should do something better for me, otherwise I will delete this Game.


crybaby extraordinary


Yeah! IM Gonna do that! Is a problem?


Seriously. Just delete the game. With this attitude you will be frustrated by the game permanently. Delete. Move on. Farewell.


ITS not my atittude the problem. If i SEE unicorns and rainbows it still doesent come anything good. Some ppl with lvl6 has won Drake Fang. Yeah, So fair…


This is how the game currently works. And if you get frustrated by it you‘re better off to stop playing;-)


Actually, im allowed to get frustrated. I just turned on my Luck. Thanks for advices