Game issue

Hi i want to warn about a issue when using Teluria and Rigard with costume the healing from bouth of them doesn’t stack wich is ridiculous

Buffs with the same icon, such as defence, attack or Heal over Time, don’t stack.

It’s designed that way, it’s not a bug.

If you use standard Rigard and Telluria, you’ll get a heal and heal over time :+1:

Otherwise, timing your buffs is part of the strategy :slightly_smiling_face:

Yee right but it shouldn’t be that way becouse whats the use of a costume then basically you’ve been skined of you hard earnd money so this is not right defo

The Rigard costume is superb and almost considered so good that Rigard is close to being 5*.

Just don’t fire it in the same turn as another HoT special :man_shrugging:t3:

I know mate the issue is lets say when you hero drops to 200hp instead of get healed 300hp in 1 turn it will get only 1 of the healings depends which one is active

Yep, but that’s the mechanism the game has always used. If you have a 30% defence buff and fire a 40% defence buff it doesn’t equal 70% it just gets overwritten.

It’s not a problem, it affects everyone the same, you just have to plan it in to your strategy


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