Game is too fast now. Zero strategy left

SG, when are you going to fix your game? It’s almost unplayable at higher levels because the defense goes off in just a few turns.

You either get your tiles on the opening board or within 3-4 moves or it’s over.

After 3 turns it’s Xnolphod → C Alasie and you lose.

Add in Sif, Ruby, Elizabeth, or any number of other heroes who boost or slow mana.

Mana boosting on defense has destroyed the viability of all heroes on offense except fast or very fast. While it’s made even slow heroes viable on defense. You know, like Khufu, who you buffed to a ridiculous level, and who charges like an average or fast hero with mana boosting.

There is little to no strategy left on offense. I can tell if a match is going to be a win or lose with 95% predictably from the opening board which removes almost all player control and strategy. You’ve made defenses way too fast.


I mostly agree… It’s hard playing 2/1/1/1… Getting hit hard once when a heroes special goes off… Sure… Getting completely f’n destroyed from a single charge… Less so.


I realised that too. Everyone is obsessed with mana because it’s the best fastest thing. You always see mana troops, never crit


Add all those passives in, hit hero x → get burn/water dot whatever, plus defense down/attack down. mana down you name it…
Or let them hit you, then some additional dmg from passives and dots and ailments everywhere


People say…
"power creep is necessary"
they support, endorse, and… pay for them!

Where creeps used to have a measure of control…! That if it hit harder, it hit fewer.
That if it hit more, it had slower speed. Then came passives. Then came fast hit-all nukes. Then came more passives.
The next creep has to wreck the eco-system in order to wet the whale’s appetite…

Your Xnolphod will be replaced by a new creep eventually. So that raiding upper platinum will be like entering the Rush Arena. Which is fairly what it is now.

And spenders will continue to Pay2Win
And continue to claim they have strategy
After dumping money to play Rush all day every day. Their so-called "strategies" will start to leave a bad after taste.
They will get tired … FASTER!
and walk away in larger and larger numbers.

as is… already happening.

But going backwards? How do you do that?
New releases can’t be wimps.
Your stuck.
Should have listened when folks that were paying attention were pointing at the PACE!
Too late now…


Next meta to replace xnolphod

SGG : let’s make a hero that can fully charges all other heroes in the team. But to avoid backslash by poor, non spending freeloaders, let’s make that hero a barbarian and slow speed.


I find that for me its not a matter of outpacing the defense, because you usually cant. Its about outlasting it. My main raid team is phenexa, prof zuri, luigi, lord loki and rayne. 3 support - 4 if you could lord loki. The attack comes in the way of rayne once therr is an opportinity, at times supported by lord loki. Other configs are similar with myztero as the attack for example. Kind of like many meler games where you have to parry and dodge multiple times before seeing an opening and attacking yourself.

Ive used this type of highly survivable configuration for a long time now which is why i dont really feel what many others are feeling in regards to chances of winning vs the top fast defenses - although i have definitely noticed it too and my win rate has been affected

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You realize if your argument is to counter OP defenses is to create a team of paywalled heroes, you kind of support the argument that the game is getting into P2P territory.


I said that months ago and some " i pay alot i must attack everyone complaining about SG " jumped me and defended SG with all their every single blood drop
0 strategy now…defense are mostly season 5 hit’em all at high speed and high damage
You win fast or you die fast plain and simple


Lord loki and director zuri were both available in soul exchange. Before zuri i was using ariel who i also got from se. Luigi is almost universally caned now with people saying he doesnt do enough at slow speed. But if you think this is a paywalled team then fine my point was about support vs speed, with all average and one slow hero so they arent winning any races.

This is also just my current best team. Ive had plenty of support based teams that work almosy just as well. I have a team of slows that are far from meta but is effective - noor, raff, luigi, gulli, viscaro.

Ive also shown a few times getting to top 100 using 4s and a 3 (tree - may no longer be viable post nerf). But this team wouldnt go up against fast all attacking defenses but defenses with at least 1 or 2 passive heroes in the front.

The overall point is not the heroes but rather the defensive configuration, although obviously your chances go up the newer and shinier your heroes are.

Oh and the op wasnt about this as far as i can tell. I think the op is p2p. It was a more general issue about the speed and power of defenses and that average or slow heroes in offense cant match up regardless of ptp, c2p or ftp

Here are 6 raids using that defensive attack - using my strongest team. Skipped a few which seemed easier but otherwise just played every one that can up.

Ill try 6 using my more dated slow team and see how i go

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People who pay to play complaining about others who pay more to play - you are both the reason this game is the way it is. I personally love it that the first group is getting the hammer.


strategy is still there but don’t expect any team you have is supposed to beat every enemy or mono to be a good idea without accepting the risks.

plan well, bring proper counters and good synergy team, level up your troops and utilise the tile break points for hero speeds. most of the time you only need 9 tiles of your colours to have the upper hand. it is usually possible in 4 to 6 moves on average if the board was average.

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Hello nice movies thx for sharing - if I did not play already EP I would ask - almost one unique team ana every defence team beaten? This is rather boring, isn’t ? And if you don’t have these heroes? Then what? Players know what :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the other side. Not a single team he fought was on topic:

You can invest heavily towards drawing matches out until the expiration timer pops up.
Do you have to do that? Nope… you really don’t. Even the OP noted he does win.

So here’s the strategy: Team composition.
Here are the skills required:

  1. Reading
  2. Comprehension

That’s it. A third grader can play this game.

  • Does spending alter team composition?
    Yes… drastically…
    Spending even alters board management. Which I’ve seen kindergartners do well.

  • Does spending get talked about when delivering "Learn to Play" lectures?
    Nope… never…

  • Does investing heavily in teams designed to view the expiration timer have a drawback?
    Yes, certainly! Look how long it took him to burn 6 flags. Having to spend so much time at this to experience:

Is a serious drawback!

  • As creeps become faster, stronger and incur mana control, does the game become more like Rush?
    Of course it does! And Rush is heavily RnG dependent.

There’s different ways to contend with creeps running a muck. But $tragedy, is the one method that’s tried and…

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Not one team, but variations of the team depending on who you are facing. I tried my team of slows and got obliterated, I think I won 2/6. So I went for a middle ground - Ariel, Lord Loki, Director Zuri (all available in SE), Luigi (who I think is great, but most think is bad. But swap him out for another support hero as required) and then the last hero depending on the defense - Noor if facing minions, C Sabina if needing to dispel, or C Joon (or substitute any other sniper) if needing to kill off heroes quickly.

Won 5/7 this way - it is still a heavy support based offense but without any especially paywalled heroes. I think it is a pretty viable strategy vs fast defenses.

The topic is fast/powerful defenses. Xnol and C Alassie are just examples of this. I think I did fight one of each in that first batch, but regardless the point stands. Fought a few more Xnols in the second batch. I was not rerolling other than to skip easier/slower defenses.

Yeah, a third grader can. Can they play it well? No. Can most players who are currently playing better? Usually yes. That includes me. I find flaws in my game all the time. You quit the game because you couldn’t compete without spending heavily. You lacked the skills required to play with strategy rather than $trategy, as you love to quote. Although you seem to find great solace in bringing negativity to the forum at every opportunity you get. Well I supposed you need a new hobby to replace the old one.

How long is that, exactly? Is the point of a raid to finish in a minute? 2? If so then you are playing to overwhelm your opponent which is either through an OP offense or else a tide of tiles in your favour. Either way, doesn’t seem much fun to me. Longer games bring more of the puzzle into the game, which in turn brings more of the enjoyment.

Try to bring something positive to the forum one day. Just try. I am providing a team composition that works well against fast hard hitting defenses. You are providing… well, you know. And so does everyone else.


Sorry. Just one correction:
It’s "$tragedy"

My positivity is delivered elsewhere in the forum. Adding support to frustrations rightly developing from the run-away creep train feels positive to me.
That we don’t agree is par for the course
Here on this open forum.
And that’s ok!

I see a drawback to intentionally dragging matches out.
I’m sorry that you don’t :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, it’s pretty sad when the only way I can enjoy this game now is to consciously stop myself from reaching these higher levels, so I don’t get frustrated all the time!


@Homaclese How about wars, you only speak about raids, you can’t use those teams 6 times there? I don’t have problems myself in raiding, but in wars my OS % has drastically went downhill after S5 happened and W3K heroes etc.


I can’t field 6 of this type of team - maybe 2? In (non-rush, non cleanse) wars I use combinations of the following, depending on the types of teams I am facing:

  • Noor/Viscaro anti minion
  • 2 Grimble anti minion
  • Skadi anti minion
  • Myztero anti Alfrike/ailment heavy
  • mono yellow
  • 3/4 stack of blue with off color healers
  • Support team with Rayne

If there are less minion summoner teams to attack then I get a bit creative with stacking in other colors