Game is pure luck rather than strategy


Good question. I don’t keep exact tabs on defense wins, but I can see a trend: I’m doing very well with defense wins as long as my cups are below 2.200. When I go above 2.300 I wake up to 100+ cup losses. It seems the amount of cups may be more influential than team composition for defense.

For the offense side the answer is clear. I’m winning about as much attacks as when I had an all 4 star team. The climb is totally due to attacking targets that are worth more cups. Mind you I don’t select my targets based on their cups. I select them based on their team strength. So the cup increase came when I started attacking higher team strength teams.

My raiding isn’t aimed at gathering cups, or ham, or ore. I’m filling 40 heroes chests. I’m below my skill cap, because for the chests it’s smarter to reliably take down 6 teams of 5 in a row, than go for challenging battles against heavy targets.


This is an example of a real luck, I think. Theoretically, you need one summon every month to get a HOTM (including troops summons). There are plenty of chances for this in the game (tokens from wanted chests, offers and purchased gems).

During raids and AW I can see players that look newcomers but have several HOTM with the rest of 3* heroes. And we know many examples when players spent considerable amount of money on gems and got not a single HOTM.


Yeah this has to be insane luck.

I’ve spent 5 to 7 tokens every month that could have gotten me a HoTM since January this year, and the only one I got was Delilah.


Every game with RNG loot needs that lucky person to post their good fortune and keep everyone’s hopes alive :wink:

But let’s face it, it is not the norm. I thought I was super lucky when I got a hotm from a token. I don’t know what folks in plat+ get from their chests but clearly they are raking in the epic tokens huh?


With similar spends (even with one 10x pull) I’ve got none. :frowning:


Maybe @Chris30osu stole all our luck!?


Sometimes such thoughts visit my head. :roll_eyes:


Honestly it seems like that is where all my luck is in the game. I rarely see elemental chest. Defiantly no more then once a month. I actually got Zeline before I had spent any money at all I believe using collected gems in a elemental pull. I haven’t had great luck with ascension items either. No more then two weeks ago I finally got my fourth shield to continue leveling up Zeline. If it helps explain I have ascended Boomer, Rigard, Chao, BT, Gormek, Sonya, and just today Grimm. I’m not sure if that’s about average with my amount of play time but it felt like I was waiting for ever on them and still waiting. I stoped speeding up chests because every time I do I only receive food, iron, and Gems from them. So every collected Gem has went to pulls. I have 7 demacus blades but no where close to the rest I need for those HOTMs. So very lucky to get them very cheap but can’t do anything with them.


@Bertus maybe with the HOTMs but I bet you have more 3 and 4* mats and hero’s? Care to compare? Btw first week of June I did my second ever x10 pull plus some change and got nothing more then 3*. Day before my birthday (29th) used a token and got either Hu Tao or Li xu plus GM. Don’t remember because I got one or the other from TC about the same time


You are one side of the bell curve (every HOTM since you started) and I’m the other side (none of them) :grin:


I do have a spare Zeline at 2.60 if you would like to trade for some ascension mats. On a serious note I read the forums a lot and I really feel like everyone has luck in one way or another and no luck in other ways.


I’ve been running 2 TC20’s since February, so I’ve got a lot of 4 stars, and 5 5 stars, about on par with what you’d expect. I’ve actually used 4 stars as feeders - I don’t need a second/third/fourth for some. My TC’s are my bread and butter hero source. Tokens are the occasional lottery ticket.


I can’t believe you still haven’t gotten a single HOTM. On the last day of June I used 1 epic hero token and got Gravemaker! Now I have 2 HOTM. That probably doesn’t make you feel better :frowning_face:


That’s how it happens in the game. :sunglasses:


I just started running t2 20 like 2 weeks ago or so. I didn’t have much luck with 13 at all but I ran 2 for a while and had to stop because it felt like a waste. Master plan is to run 1 20 and 2 13s and 1 19/3 non stop. If I can’t run 19/3 non stop ill run a second 20 to fill the gaps. I ran through 900 swords in less then 48 hours so I imagine my 2000+ rugged cloths won’t run for ever. Again I don’t feel like I have got a lot of 4s but the ones I got are good or I personally love (Chao,Boomer). I really don’t know how long I have been playing but I believe it was the month of Zeline maybe a week sooner. Other then HOTMs the 5s I have gotten are Richard and Thorne and I have consistently heard they are trash 5s. Then again I see people talking about playing a full year and have gotten 1 or none 5s. I really do wish all of you the best of luck with HOTMs. I have had some serious haters because of it. @Rook if they ever add trading (I know I know) spare Zeline is yours. Ill have my hands full when I pull Gregorian anyways :neutral_face:
Edit… Someone took 577 of my RC so I only have 1433.


Luck comes into it for sure…

I been wanting hero of the month since alasie. Before her I hadn’t played long enough to even understand what’s what (and was still thinking Layla was a weapon ahahahaha)

Haven’t had any luck with hotm but managed panther in only 6 pulls yesterday and I know some people are dying for it.

I’m happy when stuff goes well and yeah it’s frustrating sometimes but it has to be bad sometimes for it to be good other times. Otherwise it’s just same all the time and that’s not fun.

There’s enough info on these forums to understand approximate chances for pulling five stars through summons, odds of tc20, chance of hotm, chance of getting the best hero from event summons (eg guin, red hood, panther etc). I think the most frustrating thing on these forums is how quick people are to call bs, but don’t get excited or talk about when something’s good.

Like someone who gets four hotm in a row is more likely to tell you about what a load of crap it is that they didn’t get the fifth one…


No Gregorian yet but… I did spend $2 to get to a even 900 gems.


I would ask anyone that says that the game is mostly luck whether or not they have checked out @Anchor 's channel on YouTube.

I’ve been catching up on a lot of his vids and he gives sooooooo many little tips and tidbits that help to increase the proportion of skill, while decreasing the amount of luck involved in your day to day playing.

Sure there is always a large luck portion, but you can certainly decrease the role that luck plays by more than you would probably think.


Yes, there is luck involved in this game, but strategy is important.

Lemme give an example:
I had Horghall as a tank, got beaten to the ground when someone attacked me. I changed my tank to Azlar, i still got beaten to the ground. I put Sonya in the middle and YET AGAIN i was beaten to the ground all the time. Then i tried Vivica and nothing changed… i was ripping my hair off coz raids were awful and i was beaten all the time.

Then i got Red Hood from the event and leveled her in third ascension level and made her my tank. Surrounded by Vivica and Sonya on her left side and Yunan and Azlar on the right. Now, almost every attack to my base leads to my victory. No luck needed, only carefully assembled team with right heroes at the right places. So my strategy of finding the right tank and right heroes around her was succesful… for now :slight_smile:


Well, just for the sake of argument, one could say you’ve been lucky to pull Red Hood