Game is pure luck rather than strategy

Topic is ‘game is pure luck’.
I’m just saying it’s not true.

Yes, this game definitely has luck dependent part, which I haven’t excluded. But it’s not “all about the luck”, small amount of game is luck, huge amount of game is - learn to use best what you do have.

Here, there are bunch of strategy posts, even if they’re titled like ‘raiding in top 1000’, all is true for ‘raiding in top 200 000’. Tested. Just you need to adapt advices, because that low you won’t see alby, or ares, or aeron, but with time, you’ll start seeing them, so, you need to adapt your strategy.

What was working when you were attacking with 2stars, changes when you face 3star heroes and get one, and so on.

Part about “The Gems Are Random, But Humans Are Not” - when you remove your brain of sniper focus, then you realise how many boards become playable. And that’s just one component of strategy.

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