Game is pure luck rather than strategy

I’ve read numerous posts and one that stood out for me is the one that began in January and ended in that month where it was discussed that “Small Giant is killing the game”. It is just sad to know that what the people there were discussing, is something that still goes on, nothing has changed. This game is purely based on luck. If your cards fall for some reason only with three in a row, it will be stuck on that deck until you loose or reshuffles. And after having numerous frustration to finally finish the game with only one 5* hero which I got at level 16 and been stuck with until now (lvl 29), I believe that a lot of people are starting to discontinue playing. I witnessed it at a few alliances, where people just give up and leave,because its a constant gamble to try a summon, constant gamble to try raiding, constant gamble in war and to get to the top or even try, you have to lose so much in order to gain so little. Like when one accumulate trophies, I’ve been stuck between 1200-1650 for 3 months now. When you raid, you score 10-40 at the most, but dare lose against someone with powers slightly more than you or 200 less, you lose 40-50, just like that,as if you get punished with a punch in the face to lose and given crumbs for winning. And if there is over 200 characters to “choose” from in a hero summon and troops, why can one only get 20 different characters each time??? And the time to upgrade anything, its ridiculous, honestly! Not only is space limited to build, but one can only build certain buildings at a time and the stronghold must be at a certain level, which is achieved after a weeks upgrade, but to build something after that time…then all of a sudden the stronghold needs to upgrade AGAIN…which was not the case a week back. I’ve summoned and trained so many times and try to go for training level 20 which MIGHT take a month(don’t know, upgrading times takes forever), but I’m also so scared of trying to train a hero on level 20 and only get a rare 3*, since from level 14 training center on wards, I’ve been getting 2* heroes every single time, then why the waist to upgrade anything and wait for 2* heroes 2 days, when one can do that at level 3 in 10 minutes time??? One thinks that as soon as you “advance”, you get rewarded, but you’re constantly stuck and that makes the game boring. So developers, I know criticism is a bitter pill to swallow, it sucks, but jazz it up a little for everyone and make it worth while to keep on playing, make random summons RANDOM between ALL heroes and not only 20 different one’s every single time. Try a swap out option for those that have too much of the same hero or needs different characters in wars or alliances. Everyone works good as a team and will continue doing so and that makes the game fun. And when a person/player upgrade’s its bases/centers, it’s to GET BETTER and ADVANCE. Think of it this way, when one played Warcraft and had a tower defense and build towers and upgraded their towers, was it to see how nice the tower looks like or was the towers stronger/better? Same thing with this game, if you upgrade, you want to get better, not look nicer


It’s a slightly manageable slot machine.


There is a lot of luck, but there is plenty of strategy. Making the right choices of what heroes to level, who to bring to fights against whom, even gem matching takes some degree of tactical planning if not true strategy. War has additional opportunity for trying different strategies: who fights whom? When to go for reset?

Sure seems like you don’t like this game though. Sorry you have had such a bad experience.


All they have to do is start to slightly raise the % chance for 5 starts every x attempts at doing an epic or elemental summons. Same for rare ascension items (though at an increased x since you have many more shots).

That way people know there is hope and it will help those that are having a run of bad luck. As long as they do it right it will not skew the game too badly and may even help to even it out.


The OP raised a long list of issues they have with the game. Are you suggesting raising chances of 5* and AM pulls would address them all?

Or asked another way, are you suggesting that allowing people to guarantee improvement after spending a specific $ amount is really the best way to make the game less luck based and more strategy based? Seems to me to be more a total shift towards P2W.


5* heroes are not the be-all, end-all in the game. Unless your goal is topp 100, you can accomplish anything in the game with a well constructed team of maxed 4*


To some extent yes. But once you built the whole bunch of 4* you want to move forward and the only way is to build similar bunch of 5*. But it is much harder to accomplish.

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And once you have that deep bench of 4*, you can complete the rare quests and fight higher level titans to get the ascension materials to ascend the 5* heroes you train in your TC 20.

Yes, what heroes you get are governed by RNG. Getting the materials is not


The game takes a while. If you want a game where you get all the best stuff for free after a month or two of playing, you are in the wrong game, my friends.

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Getting the ascension materials also depends on RNG unless by buy them or win in quests. All the chests, Mystic Vision and Titan loot depends on RNG.

I’m addressing the forlorn feeling of not being able to move forward and being outpaced due to bad luck. And there was no mention of pay to play in my post, though I would imagine that pay to players would like to know that they are getting some benefit from their money other than pulling Renfeld for the 20th time. A change as I suggest would help both f2p and p2p players.

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Pay for play isn’t much of a help getting the same 3* heros.

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Rare quests give guaranteed non-farmable ascension items

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Yes, I mentioned those. But quests and challenge events are only one of the sources, though predictable.

Raiding is most certainly based on strategy. You have to start looking at the heroes you have and how they would perform against the other person’s team. There’s a reroll button for a reason.

I don’t understand what OP means about only having 20 heroes at a time to draw from. Can someone address this or am I not understanding this?

@RiaRoo I agree that strategy is very important. But the board has to be kind to your strategy for it to work. I would never say this game is pure luck as the OP but there is no doubt it is a major factor in raiding.

The bigger problem is, that you are not able to compete if you not spent a lot of money. I am f2p and to know, that people will always be stronger because of their heroes is killing my fun to 100%.

@MrMeeseeks Yep I agree! But I understand that these guys have to make money somehow. I recently became a F2P (only spent about $50) when I got fed up with all the bottlenecks and ceilings in the game.

My biggest gripes are:

  1. The MASSIVE GRIND to get to TC20. Cmon… its epic.
  2. Ascension items through normal game play. I personally think that the loot from missions and titans are… TERRABAD! Also,if you are paying for gems, the ascension packs in the store are “A chance of two of the following ascension items”… CMON that is just not fair.
  3. Losing big chunks of cups to teams with a much higher team power but lower cups. It really highlights the fact that no matter how good you are at raiding, the game will naturally pull you back down to the pack.

AND the very last straw was when they introduced loot tickets… Seriously, instead of improving the quality of the game by improving the AI of auto play which is at best a 2 year old playing the game… we got loot tickets… which costs FLAGS and GEMS!!!

Even though i sound like a whiny little punk, I still think it is a decent game. I just won’t be donating any more money.


This game is easy to learn, and difficult to master. And it only gives a steady enough trickle of good reward if you play it persistently and if you persevere. That’s what I appreciate about this game, but I can see how it is frustrating for players who prefer a faster progression at perhaps a more casual pace.

Luck is indeed a great part of this game, it’s a Gacha after all, with a random tile board! However, strategy is also a major factor. Which heroes to field, where to place them, when to fire them. And the tiles, the board: fights are won or lost based on which ones you flip. Because there is a definite place for skill in there, that allows you to make the best out of a bad luck board and/or provoke a good luck board aka rainbow cascade of death. You don’t always win, that’s for sure. But I’ve dragged away a ton of victories from a clear loss looking board, and I’ve done so by using my wits, seeing the right color combo at the right place, knowing how much damage I’d do here and there, how many tiles I’d need to activate my heroes, and not activate theirs, and taking out the opponent with precisely aimed and proportioned damage.

Or maybe I’m just roleplaying that all the way.


The skill is to minimize negative impact of a board on your plans. It can’t be achieved in 100% cases but the percentage of success depends on a player’s skill I believe.


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