Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


You know you’re desperate when Dawa is your only hope…



I actually like the class/talent system, 3 of our 4000+TP players said that was the last straw & wanted to leave the game, I convinced 2 that it was a good thing but the other dumped the game, further weekening our alliance. Shortly after when we realized we were limited to just a few fighters per quest & the ridiculous trickle of class emblems, I ate my hat.

As I was saying before, the game is INCREASING the requirements for for MORE heroes but the ascensıon mats are not INCREASING in tandem.



Your alliance sounds super toxic…

14 of our members have been in our alliance for over a year, with many at 200+ days. I’m at 345 days. I haven’t seen a rage quit since I’ve been there; or even talk of it.

I know it wasn’t intentional, but thank you for reminding me to be thankful for an easy going alliance.



I’m remaining optimistic until they roll out all the new ways to get emblems. Hopefully it will get better.

But yeah…I actually started a thread about having to level heroes I wasn’t intending to just to complete the trial quests. It has definitely taken the grind in a new direction.



Just because some team players have left doesn’t make our alliance SUPER TOXIC.
In fact we have a lot of fun together considering the circumstances.
Quite often someone will say,
“man if it wasn’t for you guys I’d be long gone” & reinforces our group.
But it’s still sad when a big hitter leaves.
They were not rage quitters, they stuck it out, but over time, they just had enough.



I guess… just feels like yours is experiencing more complaints than the average bear.

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I have started to see an slight uptick in emblems received since the update…I actually have enough in 8 of the 10 classes for a hero’s first upgrade, and just need 3 & 6 for the other two.

I am glad I am a “collector” (sounds better than hoarder lol) of heroes, and have saved heroes I never thought I would use…the new trials have me using all kinds of wacky combinations, and it’s actually been kinda fun!



Good to hear! My average perked up because we hit a rare titan right after the update. But normal chests seem basically flat so far.

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I do completely agree on critiquing ideas and not people, that is how I usually approach this forum.

However, when an OP makes a thread like this, just demeaning every aspect of the game, and calling names to whoever does not agree with him BEFOREHAND, also calling trolls to people truly trying to help showing FACTS and not feelings, what is left to debate?

If the original post is not constructive, it is way dificult to make something out of it.



@Sernarok This thread has taken on a more productive tone in several of the last posts, and the OP has acknowledged that, which I truly appreciate:

So setting aside where we started, I invite you to join in where we are now. :slight_smile:



Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving
Why are you staying?

To supervise all the falling apart and leaving?
Please flag me again!



I have been playing E&P for almost a year (April 2018), and my experience is almost the total opposite of yours, but I’m pretty sure it is a matter of perception, not of game changing anything.

At first, you climb up levels in a matter of minutes, then hours, then days, etc.

Heroes, at first I was excited to have a Friar Tuck, 'cause he was a 3*!!!, then Berden, then VALEN!!! and then again… Tiburtius, Kelile, Caedmon, Wu Kong!!!

And at last, in August… Khiona and Khiona, same day one elemental and one epic token.

But the 3* keep coming over and over, the very same heroes I was excited to get are now fodder for the 4* and eventual 5* that started to come, to the point that I have several event 3*s sitting on the bench, I do not feed them because they’re unique, but they are not exciting any more.

Ascencion Materials: As you progress in the game your needs change, and what used to be a treasure, like a tabbard, becomes a necessity, and what was a great reward, like capes, now are “seriously? another cape?”.
Actually the chance to get them has increased, now there is War Chest and Atlantis summon chest, unfortunately the chances per chest are the same, but there are more chests to be opened, so the chances increased, be it as slightly as they did.

Finally, my advice: want to avoid to feel frustrated? don’t expect much, just have fun playing, completing missions, farming, going through the map, and fighting titans and wars along with your teammates.

If you feel you are not getting enough “return” for your money, don’t spend, at least only spend an amount you know you will not miss or regret if you don’t get what you want.

Hope this helps.



20 flagging characters… :joy:



I haven’t flagged a single comment on this thread & don’t intend to no matter how hard the hit.

I’m actually one of the ones that keep our alliance strong & together. But the long string of nerfs, grind extensions, new requirements, season 2’s forever extension, reward hits etc etc, there’s only so much one can do.

I’m still in because I like the game. I can be very competative as well, but when the goal posts keep changing, you feel like you’ve just been swept back a few miles. We used to clear off 10* 11* Titans as a normal thing, now we can’t even take down a 10.



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I actually like the Season 2 extension because it gives me enough time to do all hard stages and get the 200 to 300 atlantic coins I need for my next pulls. :smile:



If they didn’t string S2 out, everyone would have finished it in 1 week and then asked “What’s next?”



I find that I’ve about finished all the previous S2 content just when the new is released. Of course, I’m easily distracted doing stupid things like chasing Kirin avatars.

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Hello DoctorStrange
I would be very interested in seeing some of the videos you mentioned. I have been playing for about a year but still feel like a novice. Some informed discussions and classes in evaluating heroes would be very welcome. Spreadsheets with strengths and weaknesses only goes so far. As you say it depends on whom you are fighting and in what combinations.
Hope to hear from you

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Not sure why you bother typing this. They have their special forum members who will just go on and argue that there is no coding/bias etc. But there is. They set up caps and ranges where players are kept. Run their own data analysis in the background which they are open about (read interviews with ceo).
We all have noticed that the game is going to nothing. It takes ages to level heroes up, you can’t get enough ingredients etc. Don’t get me started on loot, titans and boards.
Our alliance is thinning and quite frankly I keep asking myself why I am still playing. All that effort is hard to let go of, but the scales are shifting so I think I might stop in near future.
It is all rigged with their fancy algorithms to maximize revenue.