Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


@Hrairoo I’m a nurse too!

Love it!


Even if we have diverging views, I agree that they are only ones opinions & subject to change.


Good way to look at it! Sometimes I think I know where I stand on something, but then either something happens that makes me think, or someone phrases things differently, and I realize I don’t always see the whole picture, or consider all angles.

Of course, sometimes those things just confirm what I thought in the first place too.


Since the thread seems to be struggling to stay on an even keel, I’ll ask my question again: can you help us understand your objectives for this thread? It would be a lot easier to keep to topic and away from fratching if we knew where you were looking to go.

Are you just looking to vent your frustration? Are you trying to convince the “cheerleaders” that they are wrong? Are you hoping SG will see this and make some changes? Something else entirely?


I downloaded E&P from an add in another game, nice puzzle game for my child I thought, not long after that she stopped playing it & wanted me to delete it, just as I was about to do it, I thought let me try this little thing out. And BANG! HOOKED.

Back then the rewards were realistic, progress acceptable, ELEMENTAL CHESTS valuable, flash offers resonable. Titan rewards, food & iron from raids good for progression. The occasional personalized offers sweet. Gold Tokens reasonable. Titan damage respectable.
Now it just seems like you can log in day in day out & feel like you’re getting nowhere.


So, sounds like you are feeling super frustrated that something you used to really enjoy is becoming no fun any more. Am I understanding you right?


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@Garanwyn, this sounds like something you could look into. Is there a difference in drop rate of items as a person attains higher levels? Or are we looking at dimishing returns? I am not a math person…but it does beg the question, is there a glass ceiling?


Yes, I/we could…but I’d like to hear what @zero2hero is looking for. Because knowing why something is problematic doesn’t make it any more fun to deal with.


Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy playing it but it can really get on your flipping nerves sometimes.
When you see a trend towards longer grind & less & less rewards it kills the entertainment aspect of it.
I just don’t want to chuck it in & have all that progress go to waste.


I really hear that. When you’ve worked hard on something, the thought of just walking away really sucks. So what might help fix how you’re feeling? What sorts of changes do you think would excite you about the game again?


By the way, just so you understand where I’m coming from when I talk about the RNG: I’m not trying to say you’re wrong to feel frustrated by bad boards or crap loot. Bad boards make me want to throw my phone across the room sometimes.

My hope has always been that knowing the boards are random will help people feel better, not worse. But if that’s not been how it feels to you, I’m really sorry. I’m not trying to make you feel bad/wrong/stupid/xxx.


There have been some good suggestions & changes, I’ll grant that, but when the wars were introduced, granted again, teething problems needed to be ironed out, but what it did was vastly increase required heroes dramatically without an equal increase in mats.
Gold Tokens, one or two a month?
Now the talent system with micro cosmic drip chips. Other heroes need attention, with mat release unchanged.


So the big problem is you’re feeling squeezed to try to expand your roster for war, but the drop rate of mats is making it feel hopeless? And now classes has just made the problem worse, because it’s even more mats you have to collect…



20 epic tokens.


I think this is a profound insight.

Both Alliance Wars and now Class Trials / talent grids vastly increased the benefit and necessity of acquiring more heroes and leveling deep rosters.

That does make gameplay deeper, and is certainly good for the revenue generation of the game — but I have to imagine for longer-time players (like you) it’s effectively made the pace of progress feel slower, and harder to catch up with.

I can see where living through those changes could bring a lot of frustration, like you’re just always falling farther behind just when you thought you were getting ahead.

Has that been your experience?

EDIT: @Garanwyn beat me to it, and only needed 1/3 as many words. :wink:


I have to go now, but before I do.
Thank you for being patient, you guys broke through the wall & you didn’t even need a fire torch & pitch fork.

Best wishes, bye.


Pick this up tomorrow, or whenever you are available. I think this is more productive than pitch forks.


Thank you for being patient with us too. We may be slow, but it looks like we got there eventually :slight_smile:


The problem you are facing was at the beginning every pull was new and great. Now that you have played for a year the things you want are rare. The game could change and make the rare things easier to get but then everyone has them and the games over. The rng in this game is frustrating but also allows for a strategic and reasonable progression. The game is as good as ever.