Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


@N.o.X , I know what you mean. No it’s not a psy op, it’s just outright frustrating trying to progress in a game that continually changes things increasingly extending the grind with so little in return.
eg: 5 Titan kills takes 5 days to do. Open the chest & what do you get? Junk!

Also, for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about a blue elephant now.


Perhaps, @Zero2Hero, you could use the pic you posted as your avatar? That would be sweet! :wink:


Look if we’re gonna talk avatars, first let me say this. The 2 emus in yours, look awsome.
They’re actually a very nice bird.
Aussie much? oi oi oi!


Nah…from one of those other western demo countries, and thx for the compliment. I came across this pic a few months ago and liked it, replacing a gif showing battle positions from the battle of tanenburg that was in my phone, lol…yeah, im a bit of a dork :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smile:


Personally I have enjoyed your systematic destruction of the OP. Love the time you have taken to demonstrate the trend of negativity.

The overwhelming majority do not believe the game is failing. There is not a mass exodus. The pervasive thought amongst most folks is that the game is flawed but a worthwhile pastime.


Went to a basketball message board earlier, told them all basketball was the worst sport ever, and anyone that disagrees with me is just a mindless cheerleader.

They did not take it well…

Then they had the nerve to troll me afterwards. Hmph, bunch a cheerleaders.


Some of the people at that game might have been actual mindless cheerleaders. They would have been even more offended


That’s because you keep beating the same dead horse with no actual suggestions of how to improve. That is baseless.


Answering the questions you’ve asked is… ridiculous?

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Everyone needs to take a deep breath and let their heads clear before posting here again.

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Lol glad it’s open again, just got my coffee


its not about this game is bad or good. there is no eternal game , people come and leave , its just matter of time you will be bored and move to other games.

personally this is my 4th game i seriously play. i quited 3 old mobile game after played with long durations (more than year) and spent thousand dollars , the game are still running but i just fell bored already , first are pocket ninja > heroes charge > clash royale.

if you got idea post in Idea section , if not then keep calm and enjoy the game


Really? Is it? Just read your OP.

Maybe not in those exact words :roll_eyes:

But the message is there regardless


Please focus my friend. What that makes me now a cheerleader to @Brobb or to SGG?
Whom should pay me?


Look mate I was the top player to kill this

And what do I get is

I don’t complain … the RGN what makes it fun … I laughed in Alliance chat and thats it … then I notice that the titan chest was filled up and then

Titan chest has rewarded me very well.
RANDOMNESS what makes this game fun … not supposed to have a 3/4☆ AM drop in every loot. Otherwise its another 3 years old game which every one is mighty and no fun at all.


Then, sadly, you are one of millions who has fallen victim to one of the great addictions of our time: massive-multiplayer games with micro-transactions.

The product sucks (for you), but you love the social experience of others who also play. So it keeps you at it. Despite all the negativity.

You are extremely addicted. I’m not joking. Like any other addiction, I suggest you seek help.

You will not find happiness in the actual game. You can find happiness and socializing in so many other ways - choose one that is not Empires and Puzzles.

Best of luck to you




#rc830 is more than appropriate here


Problems with players…
Players live this game…
Players become mad because of this game…
It all happens because there is no balance. This game was okay at first, when it needed to advertise and raise its fans, but now it has become a business that only counts money. The only thing that matters is how much money you are pumping into it. Nothing else matters.
It is not normal for us today to actually ask for ascend items, to get 3* heroes at TC 20, as long as we pay so much meat, recruits and time, as long as we have many months from we start playing this game. It’s not normal to get ascend items while watching a video, and when you beat a titan, you’re not getting anything for 3-4 defeated titans.
This game has become a cash desk and nothing else, which is not in favor of the developers. Probably, very soon, you will be the same as Nokia, which from the world leader, has become an unknown brand, found only in memories.
If you do not want this to happen, then restore the balance in the game.
It is not possible for a player of one year to have not even a single hero of 5 stars. This is not possible … (Monique from X-Tream RO alliance).
It is not possible to have heroes of one color and not received items ascend for that color and get for another color of heroes which you don’t have it.
We understand that… this is not a game you can finish in one day, but it’s not for a lifetime or even more lives either…
I’m sure it’s much more problems, but all players must write here, not just one.
Please, developers of the game, do not make players run, by not making a balance with all this problems…
Solve this problems and go forward!
Good luck!