Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


Thank you for understanding. That was very noble of you.
But what seems to be the case & what is, are very different things.


Just on the “game is falling apart”, I don’t agree, so that’s why I am posting.

My impression is that high platinum / low diamond is becoming more challenging, with great teams struggling to stay in diamond. So that means all of those players have to stay active, and my one person perspective is that would indicate the game is becoming more heavily subscribed overall

My alliance has been very stable at 30 for months, and most of my teammates just have fun, and while we are competitive we don’t make a big deal of anything. We are in top 1000

So because I disagree, I decided to engage. What can we do or say to help you feel better about the game, cause the impression is that the game is not fun for you


Moderator’s Note

I just want to interject for moment, given some of the past exchanges in this thread, that it’s perfectly valid to post a thread to complain or vent. If that’s the end unto itself that the OP has sought out in creating this thread, that’s perfectly fine.

I encourage not debating the validity of emotions and feelings about the game.

Everyone can share their similar or differing perspectives, but please remember to focus on critiquing ideas, and not a player or how they feel.


Good thought Zephyr. I don’t know enough about this person to understand their world view. I will bear that in mind in future


Thanks! Much appreciated, and I hope others will follow in your footsteps. :slight_smile:


There are nearly 7Bln ppl on the planet, each one of them has their own world view. But let’s not go there shall we.

But on topic.
The only thing keeping me playing in this game is my alliance. Fantastic group to be with. İt’s the ppl in it, Not SG’s magnificent unending nerfs & extension of grind, Shameful loot distribution & horrific odds.


Win most of my wars. Do big damage on the titans. Win most of my raids. I Don’t see any of this you describe. The game is pretty mature at this point so if you find you’re losing maybe you’re not employing the correct strategies?

I will say that recently there has definitely been some tinkering with damage values but I haven’t seen patch notes on it. For a week or so I only won maybe 50% of my raids and now they all seem like a cake walk.

No really if you don’t like it move on though. If the game company is losing players and money, they’ll make changes as appropriate. Or not, and go under. Vote with your wallet.


I agree on the alliance comment @Zero2Hero, the only thing that has extended the life of this game for me is finding a great alliance.

I also agree that sometimes the rewards are frustrating. My best wishes to you in finding peace with that - not quite sure I have yet ( eg I waited a week and killed 5 titans for THAT?)


Dear, I know exactly how you feel.
I stayed in this game for a long time - actually too long for my personal wellbeing - because I liked the people, the community, the fun, the laughs. The fun to be had with the people. (!)

But if you drag yourself through the game, and the game becomes a source of annoyance insted of enjoyment, then it may be time to make a decision. I made my decision. And I am much more cheerful and content, now that I have rid myself of a completely unnecessary source of annoyance.

As for the people, I have remained in several line groups whose subject is fun, chatting, making nonsense (not game related).

Might this be an option for you?

(Not pushing you, dear. Merely recounting my own experience.)


I am normally not s big fan of brobb posts, but the effort that went into that one to prove a point was impressive…well done…:grin::grin::grin:


Cherry picking? Well there are rather a lot of cherries to pick from, but I contend that I left many of the plumpest and juiciest hanging unmolested. Why don’t we just invite anyone interested to glance through @Zero2Hero’s post history and make their own judgment. It’s a fun read if, as I do, you enjoy repeated assertions that the newest thing in the game is the worst thing ever, that there is constant, secret, immeasurable nerfing, and that this is all now so bad that the poster will surely be leaving this awful game.

That’s a reasonable behavioural expectation, so let’s focus on the ideas that @Zero2Hero has put forward as the basis for this week’s conclusion that the game is ruined and they’re probably going to quit. :roll_eyes:

My titan damage is better than it has ever been.

I don’t think this has ever happened to me.

Nope. As someone who regularly stacks for fun and to reassure myself that I’m right to prefer rainbow, I find that I get helpful boards about as often as I would expect, and unhelpful boards about as often as I would expect.

No, loot seems to have improved over time. I now find that I have more 3* and 4* ascension materials than I can use.

Rare titans have been a nice boost to 3* and 4* ascension items, and are one of the reasons I now have more high level ascension materials than I can use.

Evidence? None? Okay.

Your experience seems very strange - perhaps you’re just bad at wars?

If it is genuinely “easy” to test, then go ahead and test it. Do what other people have done: collect a decent data set and post it. We’ll help you build a confidence interval to test your hypothesis. No? I wonder why not…

If the thing that you think you are seeing is real then, as you say, it ought to be very “easy” to demonstrate it. Yet you do not. You offer no evidence, ignore the evidence collected by others, and scoff at the very idea that you might collect data, even when others offer to help you with it.

So it’s difficult to take your complaints seriously. I love having you around and I’d never suggest you go away. I suspect anyone else telling you to “play something else” is probably just teasing - like me, they probably concluded long ago that your threats to quit are fake. You’ll never stop playing E&P.

E&P is better than it has ever been, just now.

Dagnabit! I could have just copied @FrenziedEye’s post.


Brob. Can you stop trolling me please.
You’re going to break a nail… I mean break a hand.


Thanks for your suggestions Anja. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. You seem like a very genuine person with no prejudice or bias. Thanks for your supportive words.


What we do here in the forum is share our ideas. If you’d prefer not to have the ideas of others pollute your threads, then you are free not to start those threads. When you do, though, you should expect responses and not confuse them for trolling.


I don’t mind if you respond, make a response or 2 or 3. but what you’re doing is ridiculous.
But I suppose you are the number 1 cheer leader, so they let you do it with a free pass & a pat on the head.
Also I don’t consider people’s responses as polution as you have called them.
But when you cut & paste so much like it was your job to do it, that’s trolling.


Your point is baseless and you pretty much admit that yourself in your post.

You make complaints and conclusions about the game mechanics but refuse to provide any data to back them up. You consider anyone else that actually has put in the effort to collect data to prove/disprove your theories as trolls. According to you, anyone that disagrees with you is a troll lol.

Facts are facts due to proof, not theory or perspective.

“The game is biased because me and some other players believe it is, anyone that says otherwise is a cheerleader” is just the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard



You took the crowd mentality in your OP :joy:

For your own interest it may be best to come back to this topic on a better day, dont see this getting any better


What a blatant bold faced lie. Don’t forget your pat on the head.


Oh, I don’t think so. I just feel like it’s important context. I mean, what if a new forum arrival read your OP? They might think someone had started playing the game a year ago, had enjoyed it, and was dismayed and disappointed by recent changes to the point where they might quit.

The truth is that you’ve been hate-playing (and hate-posting, and threatening to quit) since you started. Good for you - you’re a fun read. But that context matters.

Similarly, you characterise me as a “cheerleader”. I think I’m probably a little too old, crotchety and uncoordinated for that, but it’s not totally unfair. I like the game a lot - that’s why I’ve been playing it for two years. (What’s your reason for sticking with it again?) My comments should be read in that context.