Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


That has been the greatest thing I’ve seen in the forum yet.


Anyone that reads even a fraction of the many angry, disappointed and disillusioned posts you have put up for well over a year now can clearly sense your frustration. I’m sure many have felt the same at one point or another.

And I am truly curious as to what, exactly, has kept you in the game? We are , by now, well aware of what you don’t like about the game.

Is there anything you do think is right about the game? Is it the friends you have made in your alliance? Is it the hope they will “fix” whatever it is you don’t like?

And do you have any actual constructive criticism/ideas for improvements? It would benefit everyone for aspects of the game that make so many unhappy to be improved…and the developers have actually implemented some good changes since I have been playing.

You have a better chance of effecting change by coming up with fact-based legitimate concerns and possible thoughts for improvement, than you ever will by continuously rage-posting and being confrontational with other players on the forum.

And just know that there are things I don’t think are great either…but a lot that I do enjoy…so far the good has out-weighed the not-so-good, which is why I’m still playing.


Thank you very much indeed, dear :hugs:

I finally said goodbye in this nice forum today.

I had a great time with the great people in this community! But as the game itself is no longer enjoyable for me personally, I decided to hang up my sword, pass the torch on to the new generation - and retire to a rocking chair somewhere on greener pastures. :coffee:

I certainly appreciate your kindness. :hugs:


Honest question for Zero2Hero and the other chronic complainers. Do you guy complain about all this stuff in your alliance chat as well, or just here on the forums? I am wondering what kind of in game atmosphere that would create. We don’t ban complaining in chat, but most of us realize it drags everyone down so we suck it up.


Very good point—we did have a member leave because of this about a month or so back…had someone that no matter what, complained about boards, pulls, threatened to quit, made statements about hating this ^#^& game.

The member that left stated in game chat exactly why they were going…that they enjoyed the game and didn’t want to log in every day and see a bunch of negative comments.

The other member is still there, but after that is much less vocal about whatever frustration they are feeling with the game lol.

Maybe some people just like to vent and let it out, this one has been playing for well over a year as well despite numerous threats to quit altogether.


I think that this forum has its purpose, and I enjoy the debate.

My issue with the particularly vociferous complainers would be the factual inaccuracies, willful ignorance of fact and refusal to accept alternative viewpoints.

They get mad when you tell them to play something else if they aren’t having fun, but that is valid advice. If this game ceases to be fun, I will stop playing and I won’t make a scene. I might let my alliance mates know but I’m just going to wander off into the ether toward something else. But if it’s not working for you, why would you continually try and force the issue when it only makes you unhappy?

One reason we often tell people to ‘just leave’ if they aren’t happy because we also don’t want to perpetually deal with the same person complaining the same way using the same words every day. But, fundamentally, wouldn’t it make sense for that person’s life to just play a different game?

No sense in polluting the world with extra negativity just because you want to have a tantrum.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


I agree with this almost completely.


Very well summarised.


First you drop that you have six kids on me and now you are making me use google to get the meaning of this word . :wink:


Lol…its a good day for entertainment on the forums.


@zephyr1 picked a rough day to become a mod…


Stop cheerleading with logic :joy:


You will be missed @AnjaValkyrie can you link me to your farewell post?




You post a negative & an army of self righteous cheerlerders attack as usual & make it sound like EVERY POİNT I bring forward is baseless.


That’s right,
Banning complaints would be very wrong & totalitarian & not a true picture of how ppl feel out there.
So the next best thing is to collectively attack the op of the complaining post until they are driven into the ground.
Now we are fair & just.


In fairness, some of us just offered to help you count tiles :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing what your objective was for this thread? Or how you envisioned it might develop? You were pretty confrontational in your OP, so I’m kind of curious what you were expecting/hoping for…


I am perplexed by Zero2Hero earlier contention about maximum troll setting? My impression is that the trolling is more on the OPs behalf than anyone else. not sure what you want, or expect the discourse to be like, when you approach things this way. @Brobb ‘s history lesson about previous posts reveals a lot.

You just seem to want want an argument OP, and then you’re upset when you get one. No pleasing some people it seems

There are 3 kinds of people:

The glass is half full
The glass is half empty
Hey, I ordered a cheeseburger!

If you want a cheeseburger, why don’t you go and find a shop that sells them?


You say Brobs history lesson reveals a lot??
Cherry picked quotes, maximum bias, & out of context. Wow.
I could respond to it but I don’t have that kind of trolling skills.

You quoting this doesn’t even make it true.
As I have responded to one person who appologized for offending as not to worry about it & no offense taken.
PPL make assumptions & because it fits in with the crowd mentality, it’s taken as that being the case. But it’s not.


Fair enough. Maybe it’s just that you seem so unhappy all the time.