Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving


Perhaps what he is referring to is the starting board, starting board can fit his description. Every other appear random afterwards.


My starting boards are 50% awesome 50% normal as every one else.
But I wont come on forums and complain about the bad/normal 50%
I must be honest.
But as the OPer just talked about his very bad (50%) boards I am also talking about my 50% awesome boards … little balance to the subject … but HEY I am one of those




20 characterleaders😀


First off, it sounds like you’re not having much fun at the moment. And that sucks, truly.

I just want to acknowledge that, especially because you’ve been playing for a year.

I have to imagine that you loved this game at some point(s) along the way. So it must be especially frustrating to feel ripped off now, after so much time.

I hope that doesn’t last forever, and things become fun for you again.

:no_good_man: :dizzy: :ok_man:

So I’m a cheerleader, I guess…

…in the sense that I post often on the forum…

…and I accept the usefulness of logged data

…and perhaps even more so, because I think the developers are motivated to make a fun game, and not out to get us.

I’m operating on the premise that the game design isn’t aiming to piss us all off.

Now that said, holy crap can randomness suck.

And it’d certainly be nice if that randomness were less, well, random.

@Kerridoc said it well once:

At some threshold, even us cheerleaders like some determinism. Strategy. Choice.

I get frustrated too with the randomness at times.

And for me at least, it helps that I’m comfortable accepting it’s random, and not an ever-tightening screw meant to make my game time harder.

Since that doesn’t match your perspective, I can see where you’re having a hard time with all the randomness.

Because again…it can suck.

For what it’s worth, I will say, this isn’t my experience.

Don’t get me wrong — I get crap boards.

And terrible titan hits.

And complete whiffs on War hits.

And “are you sure that’s all that was in that chest? seems like an awfully big box for 1 gem and a common herb…” loot.


It’s just that on the whole, that doesn’t comprise my overall experience. Nor even my average one.

My experience is that over time, things have gotten better.


I used to average 10k on titan hits. Now it’s more like 30k, with maxes around 60k.

I used to re-roll raid matches and still lose a lot. Now I never re-roll and win most of the time against way stronger teams.

I used to not be able to beat Rare Quests and Challenge Events. Now I always do.


And all of those are — to me — the visible results of two things:

  • I leveled heroes more, and got some better ones, even with low-budget summoning

  • I got better at playing the game, especially in hero selection and working the boards

I hope that for you, venting proves helpful. I hope that you find your way back to enjoyment of the game.

After all, it’s a game, it should be fun.

And I hope that we can help provide what you’re looking for out of this post, whether it’s company in misery, empathy, or suggestions.

Whatever it is, just ask.

Just no cheerleading. :slight_smile:


Well said @zephyr1 I feel so bad now reading your nice words. I feel that it may look like how offending my posts to the OPer which I didn’t aim too, but was aiming to make it less stressful thread.
Dear OPer … we can still have fun in this game, no matter if our resources are low as if C2Ps or non as F2Ps or even huge like all legendary top100 … we all can still make our fun times through all the randomness in this game after all there is those people who have this
And those who have this
You can imagin the fun of life I believe.
Please don’t feel bad of my posts above, It doesn’t matter if I was a regular forum cheerleader of SGG … I am still a cute :rofl: , kind :angel: and very friendly person :wink: who like to joke with all forum friends (regulary) :joy:


You forgot to add “How many non sense treads do you see everyday”…


No offense taken, so don’t worry about that.


Please, no Brob.
Sometimes I think she might be a bot manufactured by SG & the settings got burnt out on Maximum Favouritism & no one could undo the weld.


He’s talking starting board and PvP and Titans, NOT PvP. PvP is truly RNG, however I too see the bias in PvE. But since it’ll probably never be changed, I just roll with the punches clearing off the “weak” tiles filling up my skills to load in those coveted “strong” tiles.


I only agree with you on the one point. I also think the boards work against you when you color stack. Everytime i color stack i get skunked on that color but i just learned to work around it. I’ve been playing for over 2 years and i haven’t color stacked in a long long time and i do just fine. Don’t sweat the small stuff, overcome your opponent other ways. There’s more than one way to win.


I really don’t know if you intend to make your post(s) highly psychological or if it’s just radom.
The way you discribe the failure of people in raid, war, titan hits (which is reminded deeper than positive things in the brain anyway) are like somebody telling “don’t think of a blue elephant”.
It just comes to mind by itself.
Just by reading your post every “bad” aspect of the game starts to create disbelief (again).
This post is just a comment because I know a few topics you created. :slight_smile:


I got to use 4 flags against our last titan before we decided to let it go. I had stacked yellow with red as off-color. I got one exceptionally good board for yellow and red, 2 exceptionally bad boards, 1 fairly normal board. Looks like the RNG is working within parameters to me…


Nahhhhhhh. You’re just the type of person who walks around being negative all the time. You don’t notice good things but bad things stick out to you.


I tested it by using a full blue team and I am not at all disappointed. I was directly able to create a cascading diamond that killed GM.


I will not discuss about randomness of gems but it is true that many longtime players left…I MISS YOU @AnjaValkyrie!!!


Your threads about opening boards randomness are very enlightening, however the opening boards only tell a little fraction of the history.

Have you studied if the stones who goes up to replenish the ones you matched have no bias against your particular stack?

One thing is the board being fair at opening, another thing is if it’s dinamically balanced observing the existing ones or if the new stones have truly a 1/5 ratio independent of stacking.

Sincerely, I’m with OP in his plea, this game sucks at balancing win/lose in all fronts, the randomness of boards (or the lack of, arguably) is minor comparing to how rigged are the loots and chests in general, summons… i don’t even…


PS: Sorry about my english, not my main language and I’m in a hurry.


Haters gonna hate and 20 charachters more


There’s actually a study on that underway now too:


So a year ago you enjoyed the game, but in the intervening 12 months it has all turned to custard for you, huh? Shall we test that claim?

So perhaps it might be accurate to say that a year ago you thought the game was awful and you were disappointed in pretty much every aspect of it, you have remained disappointed in every aspect of it for the intervening 12 months, posting to that effect constantly, yet you have continued to play.

Hmm. Or alternatively maybe - just maybe - you don’t hate it as much as you constantly claim to. Maybe you secretly like E&P, but you also really like complaining.

Or maybe you’re a masochist.

So we’ll be seeing no more of you, then? It’s a little hard to believe, honestly, because you’ve been posting that you hate the game and are about to leave for more than a year now.

I’m pleased about this: I enjoy reading your moaning. You make me feel better about myself.


Wow, the maximum troll setting must have gotten stuck as well.