Game Is Now Falling Apart. Players Still Leaving

Been playing this game for way over a year now & I gotta say it’s falling apart.
How many of you have noticed your Titan damages are now crap. Nothing what they used to be. How many of you have noticed, you keep getting matched up with teams impossible to beat. How many have noticed starting boards & replenishing tiles all working against whatever color you stack. Yep, we see it everyday.
How many have you noticed the loot has gone from crap to completely useless.
Rare Titan loot? Let’s not even go there.

They say they haven’t touched anything, & a bunch of cheerleaders here (always the same ones of course), will sing & dance the RNG love song, yet so many ppl’s experience is that starting boards & replenishing tiles are usually the colors you did not choose to go with. They are not evenly distributed even in game.
How can I go into a war battle time & time again, without being able to fire off EVEN 1 SPECIAL? while the opponent is all lit up ready to smash with enemy aid backing them up as well. Sometimes it feels like your being forced to lose.
It’s easy to test… Stack yellow & you get nearly everything but yellow, stack green, everything but green & so on. This is so obvious it makes me laugh more than when I hear ppl talk about how good the flash offers are.
The same cheerleaders, will give you the old clichés ,… Oh u just had some bad luck.(REALLY!)
Oh it’s confirmation bias, (more like E&P bias!)
Oh… Please collect some more data, like 4,000 games worth… etc etc. And my favorite one of them all… “Just go & play something else.”
Give me a break, anyone whose played this game long enough can see where it’s all gone to crap.
Alliances are getting thinner & thinner & the game has become frustrating rather than entertaining.

The screws have been tightened up so much in this game now, that it’s a struggle just to justify my time & money on what appears to me as the rip off of the century.


Old players go, new players come. Same as life, old people died, new babies born


Are you just venting or is there a point to your post?


Nothing wrong with moving on with your life and trying out new things, my friend. Out with the old and in with the new.


Please do test it. If you need help keeping counts, I’ll be happy to set up a spreadsheet for you. If you upload screenshots, I’ll also be happy to help you count tiles.

But you have to upload/count every board, not just the bad ones.

If you’re not actually willing to test your theory, though…well, that will say a lot too.

After diligently recording over 580 raids, though, I can tell you that I haven’t seen any evidence of a bias. And I’ve uploaded the data to the forum, so you’re welcome to look through it and point out where I’m wrong.


People say this all the time but to my knowledge only one person has actually tested it and there’s a lengthy thread on here with all his results from 100 sets of opening boards…

Those results show that the boards really are random and this misconception of colour bias is completely false

Perception and reality are rarely the same and this is shown very clearly here


Let me get @Brobb started

I don’t

I can assure you that sometimes I detest SG as much as RNG. I’m no one’s cheerleader, I say it as it is.

I tested it. Sometimes what you say is true, sometimes I get stacks of good colours.

I detest RNG but does detesting it mean it doesn’t exist?

If you want to you can keep playing it, but you will probably be suffering a lot from the sounds of it so why put yourself through the misery


My blackjack dealers always seem to be getting blackjacks, too.

Except when I’m getting them, but I don’t really talk about them as much.


You are obviously frustrated and discouraged, and I am sorry for that. I don’t know many people who have played this game for a good amount of time that haven’t had times they feel just the same way.

And while I am sure you would consider me one of the “cheerleaders” I feel your anger is clouding your judgement a bit, to the point of dismissing out-of-hand any constructive suggestions, or any actual data that refutes your stance.

And yes, I have had streaks of horrible luck…but then suddenly I get just the item I needed, or beat an opponent I never thought I could, or get an amazing Titan board with just the colors I stacked.

But people are all different in their expectations…I have seen people rage-quit and leave, and come back again, (or never return), some go from active to casual, some go to free or cheap to play from being big spenders.

And a game should be fun, and challenging (for me at least). When it stops being those things I will move on.


Agreed. SG definitely made a game with broken boards, but I’m pretty good at fixing it cos when I move tiles around, they tend to work out fine for me. :sunglasses:


All the :heart: for this post. Thank you for writing something that’s thoughtful, compassionate, and very much on point.


key phrase i saw here, which i addressed in a previous post, is u guys watch all these videos of the top allainces color stacking and assuming that just stacking means win which is not true at all. knowing, how, when, and what colors to stack is huge, but depending on your character tree, can get you beat worse than a when using a rainbow team.

you wanna increase win % start countering skills instead of just color stacking and relying simply on gem damage to make up for lack of actual learned playing skill.

in our alliance we teach the advatanges and disadvantage of stacking such as the biggest one, early players running rosters dry in two attacks in the war. 3-2 , 2-2-1, 2 1 1 1, and of course rainbow are all viable at different times.

if you need help feel free to contact us as we have many many alliance vids showcasing all forms of fighting and i promise we can shut down some of these rage posts. the sooner you learn there is actual skill involved the better your matches will turn out. good luck to you and hope things look up for yah.


Im far from a cheerleader.

Confirmation bias works both ways.

If you only look to validate your frustration, this game will give that to you.

while you were busy countering all the anticipated arguments, your time could have been better served searching the forum for real results and actual data collection. Some people dig it, I don’t.

If you are not happy, do more of what makes you happy.


Nothing has changed since I began playing this game a year ago.

Rare Titan loot usually 1 person in the entire allaince gets it rarely 2 players.

Some wars my color stacks are good (like this past war) and sometimes they are completely the opposite like 2 of my prior war teams.

My Titan damage has gone up. As has my entire allaince in the last year most of which have been with us for the past 7-8 months… we went up from 5* titans when I joined to 11* titans. We even have an officer tracking Titan color and damage and time to see progression.

The only thing that’s changed is YOUR perception. If you actually spent time collecting date for your allaince in any prolonged period of time you would know everything you stated is completely false and perception based. Allaince who track data within a stable roster know nothing has changed.


I have to give you the reason in almost everything. I only see two options:

  1. Take it with more calm, it’s just a game.

  2. Stop playing, enough worries has life.


I understand and often times myself feel the frustration and discouragement.

However, I am able to see things for what they truly are. I can then weigh those things and decide if the game is for me.

Yes, the game is designed to make money off of transactions, not even “micro” ones, but big money. However, they do a good enough job of making it available for free.

Yes, it runs a RNG system. For Gems and Fights, I have found it to be no different than any other game that uses a random system. It’s streaky as heck which will with punish you or reward you big time.


The previous statistics should show it all!

Wow this is so true … look at my screen shots please

No blue when stacking blue … !
And when I stack green I get no green too :sob: look :frowning:

This is so sad … SGG is no way fair … This is a clear as mud consperacy
RGN is bad … and yes this game is

Ps: I am forum Cheerleader
And I get paid 100900.00$ monthly to cheer for SGG :rofl:


Even if it were like said in the opener, it would be the same for both, yourself and the opponent.

My titan hits are stucking momentarily, but at an acceptable value. I allways stack 3 against the titan combined with wu and wilbur. So if the titan is red or holy, the stack will be even 4-1.

That there are less tiles of the stacked color on the startboard, is imho sth to balance stacks against rainbows.

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Perhaps what he is referring to is the starting board, starting board can fit his description. Every other appear random afterwards.