Game is not showing player name as [Ex-member] on war attacks

The game doesn’t show player name who left the alliance anymore as [Ex-member] on war attacks info list, only showing an empty name instead.

Player left/got kicked from alliance during war

Ugh… Look at the attack list where her name should be shown as [ex-member], but theres not a name at all. So this is not the solution. And also she left the alliance after the war was over.

Seems like you should just ignore it. If she left after war and war is over, forget it and wait for the new war and whatever the problem is will be gone. It should not affect anything in your score or alliance.

He is reporting a visual bug. He didn’t claim this affects him…

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Yes, thank you, this is what I’m trying to say here. Just a visual bug, but bug is a bug so I reported it.

Sorry, I see that, now. I thought it was upsetting you and made a rash comment. Apologies.

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here.

I reported the same issue few days ago, but got a reply that it is not a bug :slight_smile:
The Ex-member is displayed correctly on the right side (defenders) but no text on the left side (attackers)

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