Game is getting more P2P friendly every day

After the sale of the company I switched from P2P to F2P. Now I get smoked in war when I attack an opponent with less power. I refuse to spend another penny on this game. The chasm between P2P and F2P gets bigger all the time. It’s what I expected after the developer sold out and the acquiring company was looking for a return on their investment. It’s the nature of these games and this is the 4th one I have been through. I am on zombie cruise control and spend as little time as possible. Why don’t I quit? Probably because I spent a bundle and dont want to feel like I wasted it.


I’m confused, if the issue is that you’re having trouble against weaker opponents, how is that related to money spent?

You may have just gotten a difficult board, or perhaps a different team selection could have worked better.

If you post the team you attacked, and the team you used, perhaps there are some suggestions others can make that you’d find helpful for future Wars. :slight_smile:


not everything gonna run like you wished , get used to it , if not well you better quit or you will rage more

P2P is common thing , pay more get more , even P2P people sometimes raged because they paid but not get what they wanted.

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I don’t agree with you.

I have only purchased a single offer (Valentine’s Day) and I regularly enter the top 100


It’s pretty accurate

I spend and I’ve never had a bad board or a pvp loss to any opponent and i get every hero i want and ascension mats just pile in my lap with no effort

I wish…


I am reminded of a post a few days earlier, where someone posted a screenshot of being raided by Zero 3 times before Zero managed to score a win. (the same Zero who probably has one of the most extensive roster in the game?).

I like this game because of this very framework - there is no permanent “top” player. I suppose anybody who can regularly reach and maintain around 2500 cups level can reach top 100 if they bothered to actually try. And players who can do so probably numbered in the 10,000 at least.

I considered myself a c2p, regular picking up offer sales for 200 or 400 gems. Played for 10 months and have a team of 4000 power. I only raid to fill chest but occasionally find myself in the top 100 when I score 2750 points or higher. Also regularly take out heavily emblemed teams with 4100/4200 etc. Of course overnight I do get taken out by 3700/3800 teams too. Such is this game’s nature.

All in all, at it’s core, it’s still a match 3 game, not rocket science. I play it to while away the boring patches in my daily life. And getting the occasional hot hero or 4* mats makes my days and satisfy my gambling itch without burning too big a whole.


Well said @Uncle_Rain!! It’s just a game, if it’s causing stress and no longer enjoyable, walk away. I play to destress after work, sometimes during, and sometimes I put it down after a particularly bad run of boards.

Don’t let it get to you too much, there will ALWAYS be someone better or more powerful, who cares? In the grand scheme of the universe I highly doubt being in the top 10 in E&P means a ■■■■ thing?

P.S I’d like to apologize to RNGesus in case I may have offended him. I in no way insinuated that RNGesus does not exist or matter.


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