Game is freezing today 2 times

Tis morning i was raiding needed only 5 heroes.
To fill mychest. And the game freezed pfff . Started the game again. Everything lost .
Now i was doing mij tournament its happens again. When the specials go on . Its hangs. Freeze. I was thinkink is it my phone. After the first time. I cleaned my phone. Because i dont want to let it happen again . I never ever had this issue.

Can sombody explain what’s happening.

I am sorry for not sticking to the topic of this thread, not giving advice, but I really, really wanted to ask that question some time ago and above screenshots shows what I want to ask about.
How do you get different backgrounds of enemies teams? Maybe I am mistaken, but when I attack different players I always have this dull, meadow-like background. Does it depend on something?

Because the second foto . I posted on a line group. And i cleaned my phone. I took it from the line chat whit a screenschot.

thanks for the second X great game :+1:

I’m not sure if this is what you experienced, but my Wifi goes in and out…when it goes out, I lose my game (that particular round).

Here’s an article about connectivity:

Alternatively, you can contact SG and see if they can sort it, if this is only happening to you:

Depends on what arena you are in (Gold, Platinum, Diamond, etc.)

Also, it looks like he posted a Tournament Raid and regular Raid.

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Yess indeed. And now mij tournament is ■■■■■■. And i wont spend gems.

Its not mij connexion. Ive i have a bad wifi i always play on 4g. And mij 4g does always work. You can see in the picture that i was playing on 4g.

Same thing here, middle of tournament, first time this happened. Also 4G, stable connection. Happened 12 minutes ago

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I filled in a request. In the problem shooting in the game itself. A lot of work for a dutch guy :sweat_smile:
I was today a little bit scared because of the War. But that went well :slightly_smiling_face: i hope that they can reset my attacks and a Lady Loki for keeping the Peace :joy::joy:

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Hahahahaha submitted one too… Lets see

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