Game is Being NERFED to DEATH

As far as anyone outside SGG knows the odds of pulling heros havent changed. They have always been terrible.

As far as loot goes, sure, the rare chests have been nerfed. Besides that nothing definitive is known.

Not saying the odds of anything in this game is great, only that it wasnt all peaches and cream in the past.

The game evolves, as does the bitterness.


Events … Do you mean the events for heroes or ascension materials or both?

Events for heroes essentially a cash cow for whales. They mean nothing to me. They seem to exist for people to boast how many pulls they did and bitch about what they didn’t get.

Events for materials that used to drop but are now sadly only available every so often unless you pays your $20 for 2000gems, farm produce and that magic ascension item that doesn’t drop anymore . Yes, I’d rather return to when they dropped either farming or from chests.

I’ve found through life that the so called wonderfully bright and polished past is somewhat exaggerated; I survived the 70s and 80s, they really weren’t as good as people try to make out.

Sorry to read about your trouble with the written word and coffee requirement. Have you considered seeking medical advice?


Agree ,it’s becoming a joke,5 star tems such as rings or tabards are like never made sense to me why ascention materials were so hard to get.i mean,it takes so long to actually lvl them 5 star up that having a stockpile of extra rings isn’t an advantage to anyone.devs probably think they can earn extra money by selling those rings in the shop to rich players, but surely they would earn more when people try the odd 10 pull to get a hero the want knowing they can ascend it to 4th tier.
New Hero’s are still getting stronger so big p4p players will still come out on top in the end but it’s terribly frustrating to have only 11 fully ascended 5* after 18months (Ive spent over 1000$ too).they could easily double or even triple the drop rate and still have huge income from hero pulls as more people will likely spend if the have a items to ascend a hero.


Haha, good comeback!

That events dont do it for you personally doesnt mean they mean nothing to the dedicated player. You do get 5x unfarmable items just from completing it, so thats as close as farming as you get.

How about the better rare quests? And seasonal events? Do they do it for you?

You have never been able to farm the good ascension materials. They arcome from even more sources now. So on this you are just flat out wrong.

Coffee did the trick and your noodlesharp response made my weekend!

Have a great one sir/madam/whatever! :slight_smile:


Things like Mount Umber are okay, they present a surmountable challenge, so yes, I guess they do it for me.

The ones like Knights of Avalon, definitely not at all. They are solely geared to very high level players with cash. As are the event summons portals. The challenge they provide is insurmountable.

Yeah, agreed 5* ascension items come mostly from chests and Titans, or used to. That they allegedly come from more places is a moot point given the extreme paucity with which they actually occur.

I’m glad I made you smile :grinning:

Enjoy your weekend (and coffee :wink:)



For the record, Danzaburo is based off of the Japanese folklore of tanuki. I knew some friends that thought the statues were hilarious :neutral_face:

[](http://Tanuki site)


Sorry to say it, the game is not E-Volving it’s actually D-Volving. You Just have to check out the season 2 joke they played on their customers.

Not Funny at all!

C’mon, well paid professionals putting out childish crap like that?
Get out of your yachts & have some pride in your work & produce some works of Art. NOT TRASH.

There are some bad things in Season 2 for sure, the Atlantis Portal being the biggest pile of dung ever produced, for example.

But there are new heros.

The lack of new, fun and rewarding missions is another thing that feels sloppy and thrown in there.

But there are new missions.

The new map levels introduced are few and very slowly rolled out.

But they are new map stages and they are pretty good in my oppinion.

So the game is in fact evolving. The fact that you dont think so doesnt make it true. It makes it your opinion.

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@Fledoble, you seem like a reasonable person, but let’s call a spade a spade, & a pile of crap, a pile of crap.
They had so long to work on it, with so much money & graphics capabilities & that’s the best they could come up with? 🤦

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Totally agree they could have done a much better job and put a lot more love into season 2.

But saying a game is not evolving, when it clearely is, it just wrong. Its just not living up to your expectations.

It was seen coming from the summer event (chess pieces).

If they continue like this, I would not like to say that it could be the following (Pikachu).

Challenge vs reward is a funny thing.

I know that the mission reward for finishing the season 1 campaign was only recently added, but doesn’t it seem a bit lame to get token prizes? I mean no offense to dear Belith but she (and a couple of 3* troops) are a bit of an anti-climax “prize” at that point.

Granted, my recent tokens have been dawas and jahangirs, so I guess she’s an improvement :wink:

Didn’t even need to be a fancy hero, it could have been an ascension mat. Something that’s likely to be useful by the time you’ve whomped the dark lord.

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Well, I happily bagged the reward for finishing season 1, when we received it.
At least, it shows that our disappointment was noticed and our suggestion to offer a reward was taken up and acted upon. Thank you @Petri! :hugs:

In addition, players who finish season 1 now will get a reward and not be left disappointed. That is nice, too.

I may criticize things, but I also say “thank you” when I like something. :blush:


Glad you’re happy with it! I’m sure there are plenty out there that got enjoyment out of their hero token. Someone no doubt pulled the HotM.

However, I stand by what I said, I think it was an anti-climax to end up with something like Belith that is just hero-food at that point. It is a one-off reward not a chest, it could have deviated from the standard titan/war loot scenario and been something useful (and not just RNG useful) or even something unique like dark lord avatar… since that’s the direction they went with in season 2. I have no issue with that.

And your point is?

20 Questionmarks.

I would just like to say that: it is true that the elementary chests do not report any more (is it due to the fact that I reached a high level …?), That they have no more relation with the color assigned. I am also very disappointed with matchmaking at the level of raids: I am ok that a player with a lower power takes me 50 trophies but, when a much stronger player takes me 42 trophies and that, under the pretext that I have more that he, I can not take back him only 12 … !!! And I still have to beat him … There is really something that is rotting inside S.G.:pensive:

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Well what you describe might be not optimal but it is by far not only SG’s mistke.

Meet your daily cup droper who manipulates the sytem to his advantage.

But this does not seem to be a catastrophe since there are enough fish in the see to pick the ones you like.

Since in raiding the advantage lies with the attacker you will be loosing cups very often over night.

I love raids, really. And I make a point of honor to take all my revenge. So it’s true that I can spin the wheel and choose my opponent, that’s true … Nevertheless, whatever my choice, because I’m at 2700 trophies, either I win 11/12 or I lose 50. This is my daily lot. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Ehem! @Alhakmi just to help you out bro,
this is not an Atlantis card.

But yes, I agree with you, the art work should be at this standard. The Onatel card is exactly how good the artwork should be.
In fact it’s my favorite card in the entire series.


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