Game is Being NERFED to DEATH

I am getting sick & tired of the same old monologue mantra, “It’s RNG It’s RNG”.
Give me a break.

This game is being NERFED to DEATH.
Everything that was once entertaining is now being turned into a monotonous grind with bread crumbs in return. They say they haven’t touched this & they haven’t touched that, & yet so many long term players report drastic changes across the board & all for the worse.

Tell me, how does a player get raided by a much STRONGER player & get 45 - 50 cups & when the weaker player takes the gutsy chance & revenges himself, gets much less in return? In what universe is that fair.
(*Thanos’s universe excluded).

“I think I’ll play raids”,
let me see…hmmm, reroll , reroll, reroll, reroll , reroll, Oh stuff it! I’ve spent enough on rerolls, I’ll just raid whoever. “GREAT” I’ve won the raid, but received far less than what it cost me to find a compatible opponent. Wasn’t that exciting!

That raid nerf really improved the game, by reducing raidable resources but leaving the reroll cost the same.

“Let me do some farming on the world map”
(after all, there’s nothing else to do right) Oh… wait a minute, they nerfed the rewards for the boring farming rewards as well, no excitement there.

Let me work on opening these so called " Treasure Chests",
Oh… I forgot, they nerfed that too. That super fantastic elemental chest that used to be more frequent with fantastic rewards is now so rare & may as well be a grey chest because the rewards never match the element it represents anyway.

Epic Hero summon tokens.
I’ve forgotten what they look like, Used to be more frequent, & EXCITED a player at a chance to summon something new. Oh I forgot about the drop rate, I think it was nerfed to oblivion, why? they’re only going to get another 3* anyway.

Saved up some gems,
Oh, I managed to save up enough gems after receiving 2 or 3 at a time from opening what seemed like a trillion so called “Treasure Chests”, I can “ACTUALLY” do a summons. WOW! another boring 3* to add to my collection of 1,000,000 others, I’m so excited with this game.

Oh… I have some spare cash,
I don’t mind spending a little money on a mobile phone app, how expensive could it be? After all, it’s not an expensive highly rated big budget PC or PlayStation game I can buy at a reputable game shop for $75 or $20 on steam.
*(Checks prices of gems) & yells, “WHAT THE FLUFF !!”

Tiles are RNG they say, really?
Just stack some colors & see what happens, then go in again this time using different colors & see what happens, it works great on Titans. If it’s truly random, my starting board should not be scewed against me & replenishing tiles should be proportional, this is not the case. Wu Kong users will have noticed that yellow tiles are scarce & the chance to miss is as if it’s a chance to HIT. whiff, whiff, whiff… whiff whiff.
Count how many of your Hero specials hit as opposed to misses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Season 2 Season 2” Woo Hoo!
Have you seen the cards?
They look like a bunch of cartoon characters from a 5 year olds Disney show.
When a player in his OWN HOME can make a card like this one,
How can professionally paid developers make cards with poor graphics detail, lame artwork, & zero imagination like this one below,

It’s as if they just slapped them together in a hurry like they did with Alliance wars.
They should hire this player to make their new cards for them. sheesh!
Even my little daughter said, “Daddy, the season 2 cards look really dumb”.

I keep reading about how players are just sick & tired of this game now, & posting their goodbyes, but it wasn’t always like that, it really was entertaining & fun, but now… SG, what are you doing to it?
I’m continuously reminded of that post where the op kept repeating himself over & over by saying,



I hear you zero2hero. I haven’t reached your level of frustration yet, but a lot hinges on season 2.

Just a point on those cards, while I really admire the professional job on Corrianne, that is just Frozen’s Elsa in cleavage enhancing bodice.

I would argue that the racoon-ewok is much more original in a game that already features several attractive female humans, even if it looks a bit comical.



The only reason why I haven’t deleted this game & forgotten about it like many others have, is that I’m still giving it a chance. But after seeing the lame as hell cartoons for cards, I just shook my head in disbelief.

c’mon , surely they can do better than that, with the graphics capabilities of this age.
not much is hinging now.

( don’t forget the sand empire heroes that just looked like yellow statues.)


I agree that sand empire was very uninspiring, but I liked grimforest very much.

Corianne may look like Disney’s elsa, but I agree there’s definitely a Disney’s Maui vibe with some of the Atlantis heroes.

And just to back you up on Danzaburo looking like a Disney character also (although I stand by my point that it’s still more original), here’s special agent Oso…



I’m just wondering if Khagan will be at all intimidated by this obviously malicious & threatening creature.
Maybe Azlar can help take him out.



Nuff said


Corianne is not a official Hero from SG. Its a Fan Made Hero from Here: Hero concept


I know that, I’m saying that the fan made card is far superior in quality than the developer made ones.
I could have posted the other lame as hell cards as well but one is enough.
My daughter can draw better than that.


Oh somehow overread that. She Looks for me Not really better than a Disney Charakter.

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Yeahhh. I have to agrree I’m not looking forward to adding the new heroes to my roster. It’s bad enough I’m stuck with old men and ogres like kiril and boldtusk. Yuck! Why can’t we girls have good-looking eye candy like the guys do? It’s pretty obvious the devs are mostly men…


oh c’mon, they gave you Gregorian. cheer up,
From what I hear he’s driving all the ladies wild with his masculine physique.


I think Alasie should lend some clothes to Corianne. Maybe a few warm capes!


I think the raid system is fine. And I doubt that they invest time and effort to implement things like bad boards for color stacking or Wu.

But the other points: 100% agree!

I fully agree that the level of nerfing has gone way too far. I invest much time and play like a maniac, but I cannot recall when I got the last 4* ascension item from a random drop.
Elemental chests? Only 3* items and mostly farmables. And mostly grey tokens. Titans? We fight 10*/11*, I’m usually B or A, but barely get valuable loot. War loot? A bad joke. Chests? Nothing.

It is so sad that a real good game slowly falls apart :frowning:


Please also note this topic.
Has same direction as this one…


Just a reminder that no pics/video from Beta are to be posted outside of Beta without SG’s consent as has been posted elsewhere on the forum.

Also, I appreciate the vehemence of your emotions, but I’m struggling to find the “constructive” criticism here. I liked the new hero Card concept; I’m looking for more suggestions on how you would change things for the better, and not mere ranting.

As you were. :slight_smile:


Richard isn’t bad on the eyes but that’s all we got.




Explain the randomness of the boards. Is everything the same, no matter what heroes I am using or if I play against a 1* or 14* titan? With the right and fully leveled 5* team against a 1* titan, I can get a huge combination of tiles, but this is not possible with an unleveled 1* team.

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Despite anything else nerfed/changed/slanted too far towards p2w, you’re posts are a continuing delight and reason enough to keep me logging on and staying up to date!!!



Spot on!

I would add that while I appreciate that the art on the non-professional card is well executed, poor Jaina/Corianne has next to no support up top, and significant bunching around their nether regions. It just looks so uncomfortable…

(No wonder Jaina is so cranky, she has serious wardrobe issues.)

Edit: Makes me think of the comedy skit on youtube “What REALLY happens when you’re a hot superhero girl… :: SKIT BOX” which anyone designing female characters should check out :wink:


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