Game is becoming monotonous, Titan's Chest

Friend I’m talking Titan’s Chest, to open 04 Chests need to defeat 20 Titans and we won nothing, just a team member epic hero and guess what ?? Renfield = /

Yes. Titan chests not Titan loot. 5 kills to fill a chest. I got 10 gems a fine gloves an epic troop tokens a 1 star trainer and a mushroom last Titan chest.

Also there is no correlation between where the epic hero token came from and the actual hero drawn with it.

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Monster Chests and Raids are always good rewards, but the Titan seems to be much more difficult, which makes the game tiresome, ends up getting away from the Titans, the players are discouraged, I’ve traded several players at the beginning and then it gets boring no comes good rewards. I do not like the Titan escape, but the commitment to Titan requires a player who has plenty of time available in his life, he has to hours of time to have a free mind to play, here in my Alliance have more jobs except I have a long time to play, when I charge Titan attack they do not get excited because of lack of rewards. The SG helps us here in Brazil to have the same luck as the other players. I’m dedicated to the Alliance always 30/30 if someone leaves immediately I’ll get another player.

Once again I will ask are all alliance members reporting unfarmable AMs and Tokens? It seems your opinion of loot is dependent on the reports of other players who may or may not report loot.


The other side of that chest is it doesn’t matter if you killed 5 1 star Titans or 5 10 star rare titans you will get the same loot. It’s not like killing higher tier Titans or raids where the loot progresses. When you keep in mind that chest loot is a mere bonus it puts loot into perspective.


Friend thank you very much for the answer, I understood perfectly, only good service would be Titan Rare? We kill 5 Titan 5 * and suddenly Titan looks 6 * much stronger and ends up running away, for lack of attacks and for being stronger, this is becoming monotonous for some players of my Alliance. Loot of the Chest could improve every 5 defeated Titans this would be good incentive.

When I say improve, after all there are 20 Titans to unico Chest come empty is depressing, as said above the other Chests are ok!

It depends how you frame the question. If it’s a bonus for killing 5 titans, sure it is extra stuff you would normally get. If it’s compared to the other two chest that can be reset 1-2 times a day versus at best once every five days, the loot is mostly underwhelming. I always want better loot, but the game conditions you to expect garbage most of the time so when get something decent, it’s like your birthday.


This is my last titan chest. The one before this where I got any AM materials was a Damacus blade back in April. I have no idea if I have been lucky or unlucky with this drop rate. But good things do come in titan chests, but I do agree a bit more often would be nice.

Thank you SG for listening to me. I gained compass =)

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You showed us Titan Loot and not a Titan Chest.
And i have to agree to this thread. In average Titan chests are the worst. Even normal monster chests are better. Never got something useful from Titan Chest. Playing 10 month so far.

Yes, i guessing that titan chest is a +1 compared to every other wanted chest.

You occasionally can have some good stuff, same as you can have occasionally in regular monster chest, but it’s not so different.

Maybe a little better considering the ratio of one titan chest - ten or more monster chest (normally).
But still not in line with the effort.


Yes perfectly, I will wait to complete 5 Chests and re-post, it is already on 4/5 at the next ok

There will be a war chest sooner or later. It has been officially announced fir the next updates. Same a AM o titan lott will be increased.

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I hope it’s going to be based on flags and not war wins, because matchmaking is brutal for some of us.

Thats another story xD

Our little alliance has won the last 20 or so (mayve 1 loss)

Yesterday Red Trunk Traps and Raid Tonic Chest and today Raid Telescope Raid. Thanks SG for my appeals, just missing Titan’s Chest

If Empires and Puzzles are going to give us crap for AW & Titans, they could at least give it to us on a stick or wooden sword!

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It’s a monotonous game that appeals long term to those with addictive and OCD tendencies IMO. Thats why I can’t stop playing and why I recommended to my son he not start. I start feeling anxious if I’m not checking the game every 10 minutes. If I was a normal individual I’d quit because it truly is extremely repetitive and there’s no joy in it, only wondering when I’ll get that next brief adrenaline rush when that next 5* I don’t already have shows up.


Titan’s Chest

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