Game is becoming a bit of a joke


I think it’s funny that gafar upsets you as an alladin rip off, but no mention to Arthur, Lancelot etc or even friar tuck and little John. Apparently happy with these characters, but Gafar is where you draw the line?


Lol i thought the sand heros were poorly designed in general, gafar waa just the first example that came to mind. Thanks for providing other examples i didnt include.


I couldn’t agree more. Well done and thank you. I’ll think about it twice before to spend my money again.


I think this should be addressed much more! People get stuck in dead alliances, while active ones are struggling to find new players.


I think Gafar is a bigger copy because the name and character design are very similar to the Disney character.

The Knights of Avalon and robin hood characters are English legends that are constantly borrowed and reimagined.

Aslaz is clearly inspired by Narnia’s Aslan but re-designed at least

I personally think that Melendor is the least original copy:


Drake looks like Bruce lee. Tell me a better asian fighter.


Wu Kong from League of Legends. Looks familiar? :thinking:


Thanks for the responses guys


He’s not copied from LoL though. Wu is based on a traditional Chinese mythological character, aka sun wukong, the monkey king. Shows up in some form in various media (books, tv, and games like smite).

It’s even been reimagined this year as a series on Netflix. Not quite the Monkey of my childhood, but a nice reminder :slight_smile:

Edit: the show I watched as a kid was actually a Japanese production and was extremely camp, not remotely PC and would be heavily criticized nowadays but I guess it’s beloved by a whole generation of children from around the globe anyway.


It is quite common, and he always comes with a staff (cough cough)


Problem with these mobile games is that these are desinged like pop up companies. Maximise profit and market game as a wonderful experience. But when the profits gets low, the game is then discarded or sold.

Maybe one day we will get game that iis long lasting with caring developers. It seems that the day is not here yet.


The fact that the staff can be shrunk and stashed behind an ear, or in his hair is preeeetty amazing though. I wouldn’t mind such a magical staff :slight_smile:


But here our Monkey King only have a Sword :stuck_out_tongue:

see also :arrow_down_small:





I never would have known about that one since idk anything about warcraft but definitely identical. Guess the lack of creativity has just always been there lol, it just became more noticeable to me in recent months


Not really. Orcs with green skin and tusks are pretty generic, and pre-date warcraft by a long shot.


That one stared right at me when we watched the movie…kept laughing and trying to show the Mr. Boldtusk and Gormek for that matter. We started this one night on Facebook. I’m kinda surprised nothing has come of it.


I have made a topic about how some players are making multiples accounts and spread hate between players. SG doesn’t seem to think about what You Say probably because are too busy spending the money from the suckers that are laughin by when they look out how those players are making fun of us, the suckers. Shortly…they don’t want to make the game better…they want to have fun. And letting the trolls free and observe how they “work”, could be fun


<<<troll :joy:

Twenty blah blah


Actually no: Trolling and flaming is NEVER okay with SG. If you observe it on the Forums, please flag those posts for moderation by staff or mods. If you see it in game, you can report it as well.