Game is becoming a bit of a joke

A lot of changes coming for season 2. Some good, some bad. I think 1 of the biggest things going downhill is creativity in the design department.

Rare titans: unicorn and giant chicken(seriously?) Anything could have been better than those along with better loot drops by the way

Then look at heros of the month before july, nice pieces of art.

Then look at greg and drake(by far the most poorly designed hero I’ve seen thus far).

Then look at next 2 hotm(both monsters from world map).

And even look at upcoming season 2 heros, most look like Saturday morning cartoon characters drawn in a kindergarten class.

Dont forget about the sand heros as well, one was directly ripped from Aladdin, name and all(gafar).

Game is becoming more and more about pushing as many heros out as quickly as they can to snatch up as many of our dollars as possible before the inevitable death of this cash cow. Quantity over quality at this point of life of the game.

Also note the “dont share any beta info with general public”. That’s just basically saying that season 2 heros will make our current rosters pretty much obsolete and devs dont want to deter spending before season 2.

Of course they know people are going to dump loads of cash the first day season 2 comes out. But keeping a lid on info keeps the cash from slowing down before then.

Hopefully everyone reads this and spends wisely. Devs wake up. Treating your general public like morons is not a wise choice. We can find other games(many coming out just like this one but are becoming more geared to f2p). Amd yes you can find other customers …for now but I’m sure if people start leaving hundreds of bad reviews that could change and can very easily happen.

Another thing, bragging in interviews about your genius marketing that plays on the impulsive shoppers and people’s gambling nature along with claiming success due to broken features such as:

“Great Tutorial”??: doesnt even show new players how to get to alliance recruitment chat to find solid alliances(has been one of the biggest problems for the game and community for roughly 9 months now)

Alliance wars success???(been broken since day 1 and still far from a finished project)

Claiming raids to be a great pvp feature?
shouldn’t even be considered pvp(player vs AI is not pvp)

then on top of that claiming success from your team’s own doings alone without even one mention of the community that keeps this game going.

which includes your beta testers, moderators, etc

go ahead ask how many people continue to play because of teammates and friends, not because of your “wonderful game mechanics”)

“Fantastic storyline” you guys bragged about is beyond laughable(I’d be embarrased if i wrote it).

You guys have a great base for what could be one of the most successful games ever, but you’re constantly finding ways to chip away at that.

Another thing: don’t brag about success with a small team and how many millions you guys are making but then use that as the first cop out when issues, bugs, or problems arise. Stop crapping on the people that fattening your wallets.

Listen, pay attention, and everything else is easier.

By the way a great step in progress would be to fix current issues and bugs before creating new ones, just do that at least once before the death of this game, just to at least show you guys care even a little about your customer base.

Thank you, rant over. @Rook ok feel free to move this to whichever category you see fit.

@Petri, pass this along. And yes whole thing is saved elsewhere.

So if it gets deleted it will just be posted in other medias that are more frequented by the general public aka future customers. Thanks. And yes i know thread had no general direction, just thoughts that you all should hear in order to improve the success of this game in the long run. I would much rather play for years to come but in game’s current state and direction, i may be lucky to play it even 1 more year.


Morning @ThatGuy,

A lot to get through there. I don’t like to throw the baby out with the bathwater but I’m starting to agree that there have been some weak designs lately…Greg probably worst for me. Not that the art isn’t functional, but there are already three green archer characters.

Just a note on format, could you throw in a couple of line-breaks here and there, the wall of text is a bit heavy on the eyes :relaxed:


Perhaps something better organized than a huge wall of text would be better.

Just a thought.


Lol i know but i type what I’m thinking and it’s not always well organized, will hire a secretary next time to translate.


Better? Lol

20 char…just why…

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20 characters

No problem. Will try to be more organized in future posts to make it easier to read.

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You raise some valid points and with some I agree.

I feel that you go astray with your acessment of betatesting info lockdown .

We have seen what happens on this forum when beta content was leaked some time ago so I fully understand that for the moment the lockdown on beta info is in place.

Hey it is beta and a lot will still change before ist going life.
After it is out you chan check it and make your own opinion but untill then it is all speculation and a lot of posts are written for nothing.

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Sudden course of action tells me otherwise. They never panicked like that before. No one panicks like that unless money is at stake

I think the developers will try to maximize their profits until the well runs dry. Their job is to monetize their efforts. People will get bored or frustrated and quit. The devs just have to do enough to bring in new people to replace those spenders.

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True, just seems that greed has grown a lot more in the past 6 months or so. I just didnt have many complaints about the game before then, and now it’s hard to even list them all


I disagree. When Beta started, there might be a few photos floated here, maybe some discussion on Line, but it was more or less understood that Beta stuff “wasn’t finished yet”.

Move forward in time and people are popping photos and full critiques within an hour of new content hitting Beta. This stuff hasn’t been reviewed by Beta players at large yet, critiqued or changed for mass consumption.

It’s gone from helpful “share the visual of the possible new HOTM(s)”, to “omg, the sky is falling!” :roll_eyes:

My 2 cents.

P.S. I liked Gregorion and Drake (who I thought should have stayed Drake Lee, so the homage was clearer). My complaint was that the Summon Gate didn’t give me them. :grin:


I see you all around the form stickin up for the devs, they really really need to write you a check,without you their public relations would be 10x worse. I’ve been seeing beta pics and videos since november before the release of the Avalon event, so is this a 9 month delayed reaction? And stuff will continue to leak no matter what and kicking people from beta for doing so would actually do more harm than good to the game considering they would be firing people from a community service and would eventually actually have to pay for such services and considering they don’t even want to hire anyone to help their small team, they should probably rethink that course of action. Then again they aren’t thinking that far ahead, as always.


I agree with all of the OP’s points besides the artwork issues. All of that stuff is way better than anything I can do, so I’m not about to criticize. Also, I don’t play a game like this for the aesthetics, so the pictures on cards make no difference to me. Everything else said is pretty spot on.

Alot of excessive moaning. I do agree on the season 2 hero art though. It looks childish and unappealing. Greg looks slightly mentally challenged, Drake looks OK I guess but the concept doesnt fit, a kung fu asian guy in a fantasy game is stupid.

Ugh THANK YOU SO MUCH for saying all the thing what I’ve been wanting to say about poor illustrations!

I got Drake, August hotm but I didn’t even react with crazy excitement about this hero…unlike the moment when I pulled Delilah. Despite the fact that drake’s skill is good and helpful for my Delilah and Guinevere, I am not really into using him just because of his poor looking…I shouldn’t judge the book by its cover but sorry! Can’t help it!. All previous hotms before july definitely deserve 5 stars but greg and drake don’t look like 5star heroes with their looks…it’s more looking like 4 star heroes.

By the way does anyone know who’s the artist who drew the very first element heroes and hotms?? Whoever that is, E&P should hire him/her back their sakes!

your post shouldnt be deleted. Any game developers should respect the receiving feedbacks and take them as good opportunities to improve the quality of their game.
If your post get deleted, it is just them proving that they just wanna hear what they wanna hear and dont wanna hear what they dont wanna hear.


Just a side comment on your artwork section…Boldtusk and Gormeck look like they stepped out of the Warcraft movie​:grin::grin:

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Let’s not be hasty. No one is talking about deleting the OP post except you. Let’s not go there. The OP is well-known, well-respected, and not saying things in an inappropriate fashion.

As for artwork, everyone has their favorites (I actually really liked the sand ones whereas others like the goddesses collection, and still others like manly inhuman chest thumping). To each their own. Something for everyone. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys. And i know my post comes off very negative.

But without people speaking their minds and voicing their concerns and complaints, the game wouldn’t be able to improve.

Feel free to add to my list of concerns.

There are many positives in the game and there are many times devs have made positive changes and the right moves but profit reflects that so i didnt feel the need to point those things out but can if needed.


I appreciate the balanced summary @ThatGuy.

I feel that complaints are more effective when they come from a position of considered opinion.