Game is a bug

The Game is Not a Game anymore it becomes a bug

Could you perhaps provide a little more detail on what you’re having difficulty with?

I think he means it like Metamorphosis, the game it literally turning into a giant insect.

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This is why we avoid disquieting dreams.

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Ok, I thought this was just a post in need of clarification.

Now I’m thinking it’s a cry for help or an ominous warning.


This is fine, I didn’t need to sleep tonight.


Can you show a picture of the bug?

the Outcome of pvp and war fights is ridiculous, the random Generator for stones is needs to be fixed, and the random Generator to the the Titans is providing much more orten The one Color the Alli is tralla Bad…the game is creating more anger and frustration than fun. Its more and more only the Alli people are the fun factor of the game, Not the Game anymore.

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