Game improvements

@Petri I hope you will see this message. Some of those suggestions have already been part of other messages that don’t get any answer. Quite frustrating…

1/ Team dashboard. The purpose is to let messages to other players that will stay pinned here. When connecting after the offers, all the players should arrive on that screen. No way to say I didn’t saw I have to stop attacking the titan (an other good option would be a button on the titan screen called Stop, like that no matter they read or not the instruction). Inbox is just perfect for that. Also an option Team or Player would be perfect to have a team dashboard or private message box.

2/ Interface. I know I will repeat myself but heros inventory is a nightmare. 180 heros on my phones tooks 36 lines. Please add:

  • on option to hide favorites
  • an option to filter heroes by colours when ascending hero. Favorites should be hidden as we are not using them to ascend heroes.

3/ Team recognition. Today a team member is a member, an elder or a co leader. That’s not enough. I have ten players reaching 1 year in my alliance. I would like to promote them without having in few months only co leader. A loyal elder or any appropriate title. Two grades, member and elder is not enough. Also and additional title like Warlord of Titan killer to distinguish some of them based on their result on alliance war or titans.

4/ Titan reporting. Today the titan report is really poor. No way to know who has not attacked, how many attacks have been done by each one. Can you simply list all the team members providing for each one total score, number of attacks

5/ Titan and AW icentive. I already saw this suggestion in others threads. But won’t it be possible to reward 1 gem for each titan attack and 2 gems for AW? It will represent 250 gems per month, it won’t really change our luck to get HotM but it could make the difference in titan and AW participation.

6/ Alliance War: Today all your attempts to match alliance have been wrong. The only war we have done that matched were when the couple (sum of our levels, sum of our power) match the one of other alliance. It was also linked to the alliance score or alliance score. Numbers of members in each team is also a big issue. It does not make sense to have an alliance with 20 people attacked by an alliance with 30 people having the small alliance rewarding more points per attack to the big one. If you are 20 you reward in average 100 points to other team each time they defeat one of your members. At reverse you will win 67 points each time you defeat one of them. It doesn’t make sense as you have 20x6 = 120 possible attackes when they have 30x6 = 180. They can reach 18000 points when you can only get 8000. If you invert 67 and 100 then it is more acceptable. Both team can reach 12000 points. Even if 180 attacks provides more chances to mitigate fails than 120.
Also from my point of view a good incentive(apart gems I mention before) would be for each one to have an AW score. Then the AW score would be the sum of individual members scores. And here a leaderboard could be easily put in place. Then in few months batlles can be matched against those scores. Another benefit of that would be when someone left or join an alliance. He brings or takes with him his AW score. Like that AW score of old / new alliance reflects the score of members in the alliance. To conclude this point, I guess that an attack score should be the power of the targeted team (adjusted according to number of healers). Also I know that by putting an individual score, some members can have the temptation to attack low power members of other alliance but it can be mitigated by pride and team. A bonus for attacking stronger or penalty for attacking lower (according to the heroes you are using for the attack) can also mitigate this but if properly managed by team it should not be necessary.

7/ last but no the least :slight_smile: I guess this is @dante that suggests it in some post several month ago. What about a way to exchange some cards we have duplicated with a single one of same level we don’t have? I have 3 justice, 3 lianna, 2 elena and 2 obakan and I missing so many others 5* why not exchange 3 of them for one I don’t have? It tooks so long with TC20 to get a 5* that when you got 3 justice in a row you are really annoyed. Changing 3 heroes for one you don’t have would mitigate this frustration. Same with rolls. When I spend 20000 gems to get guenievre and finally got two Leonidas. How to say that? Well you know.

And sorry if my english is approximative. I can debate if necessary as I did with @brobb in the past if you don’t enter to far in semantic I can’t catch :slight_smile:

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