Game ideal – add animation of heroes physically moving & firing special skills

I just wanted to impose the ideal of actually seeing hero’s in five positions blasting off their skills making a physical move doing so. Not like a video game where hit a letter on a remote control. Everything else would be the same. When the skill activated you could see the hero move and blast its skill rather than a picture of the hero in a box and just seeing the skill blast on what fighting. What does everyone think? Future innovation thought

I love the idea, but animation takes a TON of work. The art for this game is already so detailed that even making a 1-second animation sequence for each character would be a huge undertaking.

Something the devs could consider instead is giving each hero just one extra pose, which would show up when they do their special. It would only require one more picture per hero (as opposed to at least 15 for an animation) and they could even recycle poses for characters with similar attacks.

I think what your suggesting would need an actual PC to do with sufficient hard drive space. Good idea though. I do wish they would port this game over to PC. Now that would be awesome. Instead you have to jerry rig it with an app that runs android on your pc, but it’s just not the same


Interesting idea. I like it to enhance the beauty of the game, but so much factor to consider, such as will the animation wasting more time when hitting titan?

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Be cool as long as we csn disable animations if needed. It already eats up precious titan time countdown.

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