Game has crashed twice in ToL stage 8

I play on a Samsung Galaxy s9 and ToL has crashed twice on stage 8 resulting in 10 lost heroes. The 1st time was shortly after getting to the boss stage, the 2nd time was when Margaret was the last boss with approx 2mm of health on her bar. If this happens a couple more times I will stand no chance of completing ToL due to lack of heroes!!

From my understanding, there might be 2 possibilities that the game crashed.

  1. Internet connection is not stable. This happen in the past sometimes that unstable internet connection caused 0 points in war and other problems
  2. Your phone (hard ware) has problem. Also about the software, try update OS and every application including the game.
    You should check…

Thanks. It is not a connection issue, I am confident of that. It’s not affecting any other games I play but I will try reinstalling the game.

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