Game hangs after ending the game


It was the 3. Game who is now hanging.
I get through all the monsters, the banner appears on the screen at the end of game, disappears and then the game hangs up. When I restart the game it does not show that I just beat the level it is hanging up on. And i lost all my Trophy!
Please help !


Hi editname,

Apologies for the crash. Just to make sure, does this happen constantly or just in a certain battle?

Please contact us with the date and time (with timezone information) when this issue happened and we can look into this in more detail. Please submit a new ticket here:


Helo Petri,
Thank you for your quick response!
I’ve submit a new ticket to the link you send me.


30.08.2017 примерно в 18:40 проходил последнюю миссию в квесте “ледяной покров”, после победы над боссом игра зависла, и я не получил трофей, в 23:10 все повторилось, после победы над боссом игра зависла и я вновь не получил трофей


Same problem after ending the last level in vorstmark game frozen. Lost 20 energie have tryed it 2 times same problem. No prizes after all . Acc.CN 111 versie 1.6 build 218