Game hanging in storie battle

Had a problem with the game freezing at province 8 level 10 in the season 2 hard mode I was abale to flee from the fight and able to activate auto play but i was not able to move any tiles on the board and the auto play did not move any tiles one of my heros mana was filled up but i was not able to activate his special move. I lost 11 world energy because of this bug. Maybe this is something youguys would like to know about I don’t know if this is any relevant info for you I did not record any of this unfortunaly but I will if it happens again later on. This happened around
Time: 13:12 UTC/GMT +1 hour
Date: 24.01.2019

That sounds really annoying. Did this happen more than once, or just once? And have you submitted a support ticket yet for it? They’ll find that exact time info really helpful!


It was really annoying. No I haven’t but I will :slight_smile:


Good deal. If you’re having trouble finding the link, let me know and I’ll point you to it. Good luck with getting it resolved!

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