Game going down

Boxes, for titans and for war is a failure. Previously, you could get good artifacts, and now people are slowly crumbling because there is nothing interesting there. Add some new elements because the game becomes monotonous

Thanks for the productive post.

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@Whiteclaw Do you have some ideas for what sort of new elements you’d like to see? Small Giant has actually been very responsive in implementing ideas from our community.

I’d encourage you to read through the #ideas-feature-requests section of the forum and see if there are any ideas you support enough to vote for.

Also, if you yourself have some thoughts on what content or features might make the game more enjoyable for you, I’d encourage you to start a thread there so that SG can see your ideas, and so that people can talk about your them and vote on them.

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Game has been around fot almost 2 years using these mechanics

Some players dont like it and will quit

Rest of us and many new players will continue playing

All is well

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I’ve been playing for almost two years and the monotony begins to break. Around the same there is no more to improve the war crashes, so you could introduce something new to everyone. Unless you are afraid of new things and that others will be better than you

Lol yes I’m very threatened by guys who spent 2 years playing a game they don’t like :joy:

Loot boxes are a huge part of the game and always will be

Pretty ground floor mechanic. So to say “hey i know you guys just made like $800 million dollars off a very succesful game, but you’re doing it absolutely wrong and it’s killing the game” is absolutely ridiculous

If you had concerns about some new feature or change, ok understandable since they’re new

But this is a mechanic that has built this game. If we could just craft every mat we want, it would be as bad as directly buying heros. Game has to keep the RNG and loot box factors to avoid becoming games like GoW

Sorry to pop your ego, but that’s just the way it is

Of course, the chests are and will be but as for a year nothing to improve the hero will not fall out, people leave the game and just in my alliance, many people have already gone. Is there anything bad that I’m writing about expanding the game ??? At this point, the creators will continue to earn even new artifacts or just sell the heroes and I know many people who would buy a 5 * hero on the 3rd beam without spoiling their RPG engine

Have you heard any info on the alchemy lab yet?

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Yes. That’s I Wright about new things just

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Maybe someone is using something. The improvement of artifacts in boxes would also be useful because, for example, I do not need 3,000 clean rags and Are over 10,000 herbs. Thx


See that’s more productive - you made some suggestions.

They seem more intent on giving us more ways to collect loot at bad odds than improving the odds. The difference between the two approaches is that one involves playing the game more to get what you want, but both get you more items assuming you put the time in.

I get why they do it their way, but you point is valid, many people don’t like the grind.


In my alliance, the new Emblems has raised quite a stir. And we’re seeing some of these in most chests, etc. I think this is transformative.


Of course something new always makes people happy. And I only give my suggestions and what the creators will do is their case. It would be nice if they used something


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