Game froze, lost War flag and team

My game froze after selecting an opponent to fight in the alliance war and pressing Attack, so I exited and rebooted the app. Going back into the war I found that it gave me an immediate loss, so I got ZERO points, lost the flag, and lost my War team. Ridiculous.

I just experienced this exact thing. Lost my top team, flag, lost, and no points. Been experiencing crashes a lot lately but first time during a raid. Not happy at all!

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Same here. I’ve won and yet nothing. Zero. 60 points Lost for my alliance. Do sth.

It is becoming really anoying

One of my teammates just won a battle, then he couldn’t see anything but himself battle. He got 0 points.
This was the opponent:

The screenshots were made by my teammate.

I had this happen during last weekend’s war…perhaps there is a weekend “glitch” :thinking:

Similar thing happened to a teammate a week or so ago after winning a battle. We lost an extremely close war. Those lost points were the difference.

This just happened to me. I’m apart of the Epic Eagles and I had a victory and then a spinning wheel. The screen finally stopped spinning and gave me 0 points and the other player still alive. I’m not happy at all. This is a close war.

Same here, had won the battle, but got zero points and lost my heroes.

ign Be3yBuu

The devs blame connection problems you are not alone many many others have same issue.

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I have a rock solid WiFi connection that was not the problem. Maybe the connection to their server somewhere along the line caused it, but not my connection. Sucks to lose a Great War team and a flag and the points.

Just had the same thing happen. Spinning circle of death ! Lost point flag and heros Screenshot_20180909-170447|281x500

I wiped my enemys team , went back to warboard and got 0 score and enemys still alive.