Game froze after war attack

I won my last war attack and got the win screen but after that the game froze, it showed me myself attacking the opponent I just defeated and I wasn’t able to click anything in the game. After a few minutes I closed the app because nothing was changing.

Looked like that.

After restarting the game I’ve seen that the battle counted, so I got the points and it was only a problem with the freezing so just annoying. But still, never happened to me before…

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This happened to me last week. Very annoying because I assumed the win did not count. But it did.


Yeah, that was my biggest fear too.
Not really funny, hesitated for some time to close the app because I was frightened that it would delete my result…

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My screen froze a few times today as I tried to switch between costumes. No idea why. I exited. Went back in. It was okay after that.

Yesterday game kicked me out while I was auto farming VF. Once. Went back in. It was okay after that.

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