Game freezing

Game froze on me during final stage on s3 7-3 easy

This happened to me as well. Same board but hard mode. I had killed the last enemy on the first wave with an axe and the second wave was then frozen. I had to restart the game.

Bizarre je suis rendu province 8 étape 7 et aucun problème

I have confirmed this happens every time you kill the last enemy on a board with direct damage (axe, bomb, dragon attack) on any of the Vanaheim special stages that cut mana when an enemy dies. The next board is frozen.

Hiya @Redeye; could you perchance please create a support ticket? If you have screenshots and videos etc… please attach them :slight_smile:

Also link this forum thread if you can too so the Devs have a reference point :slight_smile:

How to #contact-support (click that hashtag)

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