Game freezing on me since the last update

Since the last update the game is freezing. Have to shut it down and start again.
It started with the hero pictures being blurred temporarily when loaded. Now just freezing .

One of my alliance members also having this experiences since the latest update.

Mine won’t even load since the last update. Cannot connect to server despite having internet (same connection as I’m posting this with…).

I had both bugs, freezing and lost Connection to Server (but my Internet was fine). Those happened seperately and seem not related to each other.

What is your current update? Mine is 1.12.7 (iOS).

1.12.7 build 742. On android.

Latest Android update. Update was this morning.

Last update was 13hrs ago. And checked playstore… nothing new to update

In that case, I’ll direct you to Game Support:

I always get this for at least three days after an update before it settles down. Just now it crashed as I was using my. last. d@mn. flag. in the closest AW we’ve had for weeks. Ended up with 0 points. @Rook, is it possible to get that flag back?

Now it is not even allowing me in to the game. Cant connect to server…

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…and Horray! The Display glitch is back! I restarted my phone 4 times since last update this morning.

I wish they’d fix the chat glitch. Every update comes with nearly a week of the chat resetting itself, several times a day, and if I post right before it resets my comment is gone.

Alas no. I never have.

(You can always ask, just in case…)

For display glitch, I would definitely report it:

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