Game freezing in mid-fight after recent update

I was doing the last level of the gem quest even the game froze mid-strike. Tried to wait it out but the screen went black, so I had re-start the game…lost my progress and the world energy.

Something similar happened to me when I was trying to hit a titan. I clicked the button to attack and seen the flag taken away and it never even made it to the battle. It froze and eventually had to close it out. I contacted technical support for multiple issues and they wasn’t to interested in the lost flag. You are definitely out a flag.

Not too annoyed about losing flags once, I just don’t want that to be a regular deal because of the update! :slight_smile:

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I would bet it won’t happen again. For me after restarting the app I didn’t have anymore problems. At the time I was a little upset because I had just bought gems and VIP ten minutes before. I was on my brake at work and I look forward to playing on my two fifteen min. brakes and my thirty min. lunch. I was probably more upset that I try to time things so I’m able to play on my brakes.

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Are you still having issues, or did closing the app/device fix this? Please let me know.

Hi Rook! The restart seems to have taken care of it.

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