Game freezing during raid

Hi, the game froze while I was in middle of raid and this has never happened before. I took a video of it but this site won’t let me upload it due to file type. I lost over 40 points because of this I am not happy.

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I’ve had this happen twice during war attacks and a couple times while attacking a titan

I had the same issue, twice… with the same player. I want to report… i believed that maybe that guy found a patch… or something

Did you guys report it or? I can’t upload video as it is mp4 and it won’t accept that format.

No videos can be uploaded to the forum. They have to be uploaded to YouTube and then linked here

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Thank you for the advice, is this what’s called submitting a ticket and SG will look into it?

Here is the link to game freezing clip.

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And this is the player I was playing against.

A coleague (Anitnerolf) just had the same problem while playing in war…the enemies remained only two, she had the team intact and suddenly got to war menu and the game announced her she won 54 pts, even though she was winning.
Maybe some developer will take this into consideration as it is very frustrating

How do I submit a ticket or have this looked at?

Linky link:

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