Game freezing during autoplay

Unsure if this has been reported already or not(my apologies if it has). Twice now i have had the game freeze during the autoplay function. The game becomes unresponsive and needs to be shut down and reopened. This is resulting in lost WE and associated rewards. It has happened on two separate levels.

Tyvm for any help


Not sure if you’ve tried this, but have you restarted your device?

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Can exit the app fine. And restarting the app works as well. My phone has been restarted recently though

This also happened to me during a raid while trying to fill my chest. It’s definitely a bug in the game as my phone was still working as normal during this time and I was able to exit the game without any problems. The worst part was that I didn’t only lose the battle and a raid flag, but I also had to wait another hour for the next flag late in the night Eastern Time in order to finally have a chance to fill the chest.

I think I deserve a compensation for the wasted time in form a raid flask or something equivalent.

Screenshot and video attached (sorry couldn’t upload the video for some reason)

Attached the correct screenshot

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