Game freezes

  1. Since last maintenance break the game freezes when I use the alliance button.

  2. If I enter the map, the map icon in the corner disappears, the map screen blacks and the game freezes.

I’m not able to use my energy or attack the titan. Other members have the same problem or they face the problem that the titan is not there “invisible” (the last is already mentioned in other threads)

Several new starts, restarting the phone didn’t change anything, no update available for android.

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One of my accounts locks up when I try to access the map portion of the game and I have to close the game down. My other account works perfectly with no problems. Same app, same phone

Same for me since about 1hr ago. Cant access map because of the freeze.

@Petri please help and fix

Got answer from support team, they’re on it. Seems like same problem in the other thread

Thank you, it works now. Only the titan timer is running since hours :smiley:

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