Game freezes when connecting to / disconnecting from bluetooth

@Dyna49 I have found your topic, it is closed with no answers at all but I believe I can provide you and anyone else some deeper input about this bug.

When in battle you connect to or disconnect from BlueTooth (BT) device game freezes. It doesn’t crash, it doesn’t close itself, it just freezes and will be in freeze state forever unless you force it to shut down (or reboot your phone of course). I tested it on two different Android phones (no Apple tests) with 3 different BT devices - two different BT speakers and… well, and my car.

I have found Dynas topic which matched exactly mu issue so I thought that it would be good to report a bug via in game support so they can look into it. Oh, never I have been so wrong.

First several days I was getting some “get-lost” “copy-paste” answers from operator that couldn’t understand difference between BT connection and WiFi connection, so he constantly advised me to use reliable network connection, switch to mobile data, switch to WiFi data, use reliable network connection, update Android, update game, wipe phone, use reliable network connection, clean my room, update my car and use reliable network connection. It was funny only first 15 times but I kept pushing. Then they changed strategy and told me that maybe, just maybe my network is OK, but it is not the game’s fault that it freezes, but it is BT’s fault. I mean, game doesn’t freeze when switching networks (at least for certain period), game doesn’t freeze when you pick up a call, do screenshot and send it via messenger, open browser in mid-battle and do countless things, all in mid-fight of course unless the connection is lost or you loose when timer goes to 0, but suddenly BT connecting/disconnecting freezes it. It seems to me like unhandled exception which should be handled by game devs the same way as every other exception when something happens during mid-battle (call, sms, alarm, notification, etc.). But simply no one thought about it and it stayed unhandled until now.

I have explained everything and have finally been redirected to some competent operator who tried to replicate the issue on yet another model of Android phone, and game frozen instantly. So they admit that it seems to be some kind of bug and developers will be notified. What I believe is they just don’t care about it at all, cause they are busy with designing another 99,99€ offer. Bug is not so common cause not so many users mess with BT connection during gameplay, but it can be replicated easily.

Please feel free to mention this post when you have similar issues that you want to be solved by support. Prepare for long and tedious battle with inexperienced operators though.

And please use reliable network connection…

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