Game freezes in the middle of battle

In the middle of a battle the game freezes. First it stutters the animation (much like severe lag in a FPS game). Then it hangs on a frame. After about 30 seconds it jumps to the next frame and freezes there. I’ve waited over a half hour with it frozen without it continuing before. This specific freeze I waited only a few minutes before submitting this bug report.
I have to kill the process and log back in to get the game working again (battle is lost as a result)

I have a screenshot, Attached.

This issue happens on both iPhone 6 and 8. Happen around 5:30am EST Dec 4 2017

Had it happen today too for the first time, iPhone 6s+. Luckily it happened after a combine that charged two skills. Could cast first skill fairly fast and second skill a while later to win the battle. Heard that I got loot but was stuck with the battle screen so closed it down and saw after a restart that it indeed counted as a win.

Follow up: After logging back in and going to the holiday event “Save the winter” listed me as Cleared on more levels than I had before the freeze. I had 6 or 7 levels remaining when it froze, but now I have only 2 levels remaining. Seems it gave me credit for clearing 4 levels I never attempted.

Just a small idea that I always check first: Have you thoroughly logged out of the game (swiped closed)? Have you turned your phone off and on again?

Many times these two little options seem to work. If the error persists, you can contact Game Support from inside your game:

Menu > Options > Support (please see choices)

I have this happen very often when I play on my Verizon reader. It will freeze and then actually shut down completely, then it will restart, but by then the battle and energy is lost.

Please contact Game Support if you’re still getting this error, and be aware they are having more requests to process during the holiday season. See here: