Game freezes during war attack

Hello Support-Team
It happened to me now for the 3rd time. During a war, the game freezes and I lose the attack.
I have the latest version of the game installed, also a steady connection. The same thing happened to some of my teammates in the past week.
It is really annoying and frustrating!


Unfortunately here on the forum we are predominately just players like yourself. There are a few staff but they are unable to investigate specific account issues.

To do so, you will have to #contact-support. Click that hash-tag for instructions or:

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I am suffering same issue. Sunday game crashes during war attack and it happens to me again right now. I’am playing on an ipad. Two os converted into 0 :frowning:
EP is very unstable on iOS, I have daily crashes (at least on daily) but those two are more annoying than during ascending heroes. Titan attacks, raid tournament, raid and now war. That’s all but fun…

We have also had two unusual disconnects this war.

Potential server issues?

It has been happening a lot more lately. Just lost a Titan flag. No…it is not my internet service/connection/etc.

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