Game freezes during Titan attack when Lady Loki Special goes off

I have a screen shot. I am using a Android Galaxy S8+.
When fighting a green gorgon titan, I used Black Knight. After hit special goes off, the game locks up. I can not hit any other special or tiles, but the game continues to have the timer go down. It happened two fights in a row and only after Black Knights special went off.

I have the same issue except mine is when I fire Lady Loki. I do not have Black Night. But my last two titan hits froze after I attempted to fire Lady Loki’s special. Her special never actually fires, and after it is attempted the whole board is frozen as are all of my items and other heroes. The only option is to flee.

I even attempted auto mode after it froze and that does not work either.

Mine also with Lady Loki, the game frozen when special power is full

Is this related to the fix they tried to implement, then rolled back?

Just hit a titan myself with Lady Loki; special cast successfully and no issues here. Wonder if it’s just a set/combination with other heroes?

It could be. I was running Zim-Falcon-Elena-Lady-Ranvir and attempted to fire left to right. It froze when i got to Lady.

p.s. I know her special was almost meaningless against a titan, but she was the highest attacking red tile I had in that 4th spot. I swapped her out for Marj on my final hit and it worked just fine.

I had two Titan attacks interrupted, please replace two keys.

Thank you

You will need to open a ticket with Support. This is not the official support page FYI. You can post it here and others can comment if they have the same issue but unfortunately you will get support only through app.

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