Game Forces You To Lose In Wars

We have an alliance that is close & co-operative.
We dedicate ourselves to doing well in the wars.
When we are matched up with alliances that are equal to us or just a bit better than us, we will win. But after a few wins, we are then consecutively matched up with alliances way out of our league. Alliances we have no hope of beating. As if all of them being over 4,000 team power isn’t enough, they may even have an extra player giving them 6 extra attacks on us.

We then loose over & over. Our team moral broken. We just lost 5 in a row recently & the 6th is finally a fairly even match.

Why does the game cheat us on opening our war chest after consecutive wins by dragging out our win potential & then consecutively matching us to alliances we have no hope against.

After the last war, 2 more of our players left out of disgust for the game. Now 1 more says he’s also thinking about leaving.

It’s not us that’s making these players leave. It’s the unfair broken matching process & our alliance pays dearly for it.

Matching is just that. Find a match, & that’s not happening.


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Yes that’s correct. The game algorithm is built so that every war is lost. There’s nobody who ever wins a war. Everybody who wars loses, it’s the developers trick. Nobody has ever won a war. Just lose. Because of the games fault.


That’s happened because the system take the historical of war in the matching. They also take in consideration your 30 heroes and the 5 best tropes, but also if is you have won a war or not.
So, you must to be prepared for the loose if you win a lot of wars in row. Good luck…!!!

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As if it were enough. :slight_smile: I guess, your opponents decided the same.


If you’re not going to be seriouse please don’t comment. I never meant anything like what you said.

Can you please switch off auto attack.

So you’re saying the game is deliberately making you lose. By matching you with teams you cannot beat after some consecutive wins, is by design.

No, I don’t say that it is delivered. I just explain what the game says how is matching… they say in the war points of the alliance, that match adjusts according to the perfomance of the last war

I know for our alliance if we’ve won a couple of wars in a row we then start facing stronger opponents and inevitably we lose. Then we win again, and the cycle continues.

We don’t expect to win every war, and thankfully, since the addition of the war score, we no longer lose every single war.


If our performance was good in the last war then why should we be punished by being matched up with allainces with war scores 30 to 40k above ours. Sometimes even more players than us. That’s not fair.

It should be followed by another fair & equal match.


And why after many victories in raw, it come a alliance much stronger than us? I know we are not going to win all the wars, and we really enjoy to play it. But I think, as others players, that after some victories that it happens

I understand. I don’t expect to win every war either, that’s unrealistic.

But if I lose fair & square to an equal match, we congratulate the other alliance via msg.
But when you lose to a team you have no hope in hell.

That’s wrong to put you in such a position to begin with.

We make nice comment to the rival alliance even if we win or lose… :smile:

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You have to realize how it’s matching you… 2 in, 2 out…
Princess tried to do you a favor and get you merged into a thread, where the developers address this. I go into great detail on why this occurs… Some of it is in fact your own doing… As your team controls how much undeveloped power you retain, within the measured pool of 30 hero’s.


Then the WAR SCORE means nothing?

The alliance we are matched up with now has a war score slightly above ours by a couple of thousand. That’s a good match. But what I’m asking is, if it can match us fairly NOW. Why did it match us with alliances way above what is fair like 30 - 40k above + more players giving them 6 more attacks. That’s not a fair system.

We are being forced to lose unfairly, hence dragging our war chest further & further away.

Well a war score is only that a score… but that’s my point… if you read the other thread you would know… Not everyone participates in war, at any given time… So while it is a total. It’s not a total they should use to match you in war, as your own observation suggests, as it would not be fair.
War score follows the player.

So you confirm the WAR SCORE mean squat.

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