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Yes. Normally, if a player is online, you cannot attack or revenge them.

However, if a player is in the top 100 players of the game, you can attack/revenge.

Competition is fierce in the top 100, and these places can be exchanged quickly. I just looked for Jeremy and could find him in neither the Top 100 Global or Local.

Sì. Normalmente, se un giocatore è online, non puoi attaccarlo o vendicarlo.

Tuttavia, se un giocatore è tra i primi 100 giocatori del gioco, puoi attaccare / vendicarsi.

La concorrenza è feroce nella top 100 e questi posti possono essere scambiati rapidamente. Ho cercato Jeremy e non sono riuscito a trovarlo tra i Top 100 globali o locali. (Attaccalo subito!) :slight_smile:

Ehm…I play from August 2017 and I know how. It works l online and offline … He was at 9 … He does it. Often this thing and you know well, being a moderator does not mean to hide under the carpet all the dirt of sg

I assume you are not accusing me. That is not appropriate.

I don’t know this player. If you think someone is cheating then you need to directly take it to SG, via submitting a request (click the blue link at the bottom of this FAQ):

Note: Naming and shaming or discussions of cheating are not done on the Forums. I am closing this thread. :slight_smile:

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