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I had numerous problems with my game failing today July 19 8:00 of Portugal my game fell in the middle of an invasion, I lost a flag and 19 trophies in a combat that was won I have 4 live heroes and the opponent only 1 and He almost died. Besides, I missed the chance of a rematch. I hope they get justice back as quickly as possible.

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I do not get the energy of the alliance sometimes for 24 hours I have 2 lives


Hi, today my whole alliance has problem with a game. Game shuts down constantly, some of us lost points in the alliance wars because of that. And the game chat disappear constantly which make communication very difficult.

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You should create trouble ticket

We have had 3 guild members play the War game and after winning the game will freeze. Log back in and all 3 lost their heros and recieved 0 points. Please fix this issue, its very irritating. Not to mention it can be a complete game changer cus a few points can decide a win, if it comes down to it.

Hello there
I’ve spent a lot of money on this game.
but I could not find even one 5 star card.
Could there be a problem with my account?
I do not want to have to delete a game I love.

Неможу зайти в игру,вибивае шо Мий аккаунт заблокирован,хочу узнать на каких основаниях Його було заблокировано ,и як Можга Його возобновить работу. Ник sao

Used 2 epic hero tokens and the game froze when loading the portal. When I restarted the game I had lost my epic hero tokens and not received any monsters. Time was 1220pm (EST) on 7Jun18

@Petri not joking or kidding around these bugs sound like bigger compensations than 1 epic hero token not to mention people losing their tokens because it disconnected/ error-ed out…

I attacked the titan and the game rebooted at the end. My alliance got no credit for my attack and I still lost the energy for it. It happened on June 18th at around 1:20 Mountain time.

Help me. I just bought a package “combo the fighter” with 300 gems that I accumulated only that the game did not give me the chips to make the summons. He gave me only two heroes that were in the combo. Please help me to get the 6 summons I bought with mine gems.

Unfortunately most deals offer random rolls from the options shown. Two rolls, with a small chance of getting more than that.
In English the key wording is “Get at least 2 of the following:”, meaning you won’t get less than two of the displayed items, but you probably won’t get more either. You also have better chances to get the less valuable items displayed.

I just encountered a problem after installing the new update 1.13.5 where I experienced several lags in my game. 13:10 Central Europe time, July 13th. I used 1 flag to attack Titan and the game froze on me. Next thing I know I had 0 attack on the Titan. My phone is functioning properly and I have good internet connection during this period. Please kindly check.

Constant connexion problems that have nothing to do with wifi or network.
In war, I lost opportunity to fight and miss a chance with my strongest team, and I want it back!!!


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Hello, today at 17 15 (+6) I won in war and was fallen out because of a mistake, I have lost the war point, please return it to me

So did I. My last attack got stuck with the spinning circle thingy and I lost a flag. Everything was frozen for me, except the chat, and I could see other players moving around the battlefield but couldn’t do anything myself. I was shown as locked in combat with my chosen team but was never actually “inside” the battle. Then I guess, time ran out and I lost the flag. 0 points.

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