Game exiting during titan and tournaments

Dear SG!
Ever since the new update, the game just randomly quits on me. Today two tournaments were lost (even though I was winning, both were 4 heroes up for me and 1 for the enemy) because of this. I attacked our titan, had like 10 seconds left, game quit, started the app again, and it said 0 damage. War starts now, I cant even try it, I don’t want to lose flags. What can I do?
I have a samsung galaxy s9+ and it worked fine until this point

Yes I agree with you. I lost 2 tournament battles and 1 war attack because the game just loses connection in battles… I have 5 bars of LTE att service. I played 3 quests and completed them with no issues. Then I played a raid and got disconnected… Whats the problem?

I do not have connection loss, the game just exists without any sign and the app closes.

I have lost my raid tournament hit today and 1 of my war hits so far today kicking me out in the middle. I did not lose connection due to a strong enough signal for me to be playing Netflix on my tv while also doing my attacks. Now I have a 0 hit in the war to take my average down and I had killed an enemy before being booted. I had my daughter witness this.

I use S8+ and I don’t encounter such nuisance. Better buy a new phone or downgrade.

it happens once a day to me, lost raids because of it…

I am experiencing the same problem. In the middle of a tourney or war I get kicked from the game. It happened to me 5min before I wrote this post.

I just lost 60 points in war, cause when i was about to finish the game exited on me. So where is the solution?

When i had that problem it was my device was too old and could no longer keep up with updates and gRaphics - suggest new device, helped me

Yeah, I was repeatedly having the same problem on my old phone. Hasn’t happened yet on my new phone (fingers crossed)… though now I probably just jinxed myself. :roll_eyes:

Hello, 2 wars flags et 1 titan flag lost for one of my team mate on a samsung. I don’t have the pb but I am on apple. Don’t know if it matters.

My girlfriend’s phones have all been Samsung, and they seem to have the issue more often - I think it’s a battery issue. For whatever reason, those phones just seem to burn through batteries like a hot knife through butter. And once the battery starts dying - even before going to power saving mode or whatever - they seem to just shut off completely, especially when playing a resource-intensive game like E&P.

At least that has been her experience.

How is a samsung galaxy s9+ old? People are playing this game on way worse and older phones, and this phone can run games newer and with higher graphics. Stop saying that i should buy a newer top tier category phone for this bugged shithole of a game and start telling the developers to care about these bugs, not just about opening new moneysink portals.

Charge is at 100 percent, no other app crashes on the phone except this one, and only in raids, wars, titans.
I played a lot more resource intensive games and had no problems…

Top tier phone? LOL. My “new phone” is an LG Rebel 4.

Was just pointing out that my girlfriend’s last phone was a Samsung, and it had that problem on a very regular basis.

I have a Samsung S9, charge at 100%, and I am getting multiple crashes. This is happening in raids, titan hits, the challenge event, and even monster farming. I have rebooted my phone and shut down background services, it still happens. My count is 6 crashes this morning.

Make that 8 crashes. I was typing a message to my alliance telling them I am opting out of war until this is fixed, and it crashed. It then crashed again whilst I was just scrolling on the stronghold screen. Basically, the game is unplayable.

Same here with Samsung galaxy s10e. 3 titan flags with materiel, and two war attacks with 0 points.

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