Game doesn't start

I have latest version for android (35.0.0) and phone is fine, but game doesn’t start. Small giant logo will show and then it’s freeze or shut down. Can’t delete and download again before I can save.

Did you try force stop, clear cache, and/or restart the phone?

If nothing still happens, you want to file a support ticket.

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This happened to me two days ago (also android) but seeing as no-one else was having an issue I assumed it was just my phone. I tried all of those suggestions; force stop, clear cache etc but none of them worked so I nervously deleted and reinstalled the app and I was able to log in fine. Since then I’ve had no further problems.

Yeah but didn’t work

Nothing happens. I’ve tried everything, but deleting app.

If your data is all backed up by google play games, deleting a broken app is a potential fix but you will have a new account number to write down when you re downloaded.

That the problem. It’s not saved. So basically I have to wait new update and hope that works?

You genuinely don’t use google play games that backs up continuously? I love it… The “welcome You Idiot” always makes me smile. (acc name)

I was idiot and accidentally deleted google play games and that erased all the data. I’m huge idiot.

I’m almost obsessive about it. I cannot do anything in game until google play games is active, won’t let me.

However Petri (you can tag him (I won’t)). Came to someone’s aid last week after support basically blew them off and said, effectively, sucks to be you.

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I had the same problem. lev 46 account, I invested time and money in it. After a day of waiting it opened but with a new account I connected to google play and facebook but nothing, the same new account. There is no one to help us recover the account, we used the account on another device with IOS code on another Google play address. it’s a joke to be told nothing can be done.

dear ones I have a big problem … I lost my Empire and puzzle account, my account was logged in to this address several times and I played it continuously on this phone for 2 years. Two weeks ago the game did not open and when it opened I took it from 0 with a new account. In the meantime, my child downloaded his game and logged in to the same Google address. how can i recover my account? please help me I invested time and money as you can see in the payment history. please help me get it back.

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You gonna have to contact support.

If you have your #123abc account number and proff of perches you should be ok.
You may have to start the game again to get another #123abc number so they can swap it over.
I had my account In limbo before and I got it back with these methods.
Be patient give as much info as you can.
Good luck

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