Game doesn't allow you to be a good player!

There’s much more ahead. You cannot have low self esteem, otherwise…

Yeah, only the small handful carefully handpicked by SG is allowed to be good players.

But honestly, I don’t see the symptoms you’ve mentioned when I play, apart from rng doing its rng stuff.


All is not exempt on this. Everyone undergoes this kind of “script”. And this does not happen to a player once. It is a recurring event. Some experienced this to almost no end, while others underwent this sad experience for only a brief moment. Either you accept it as it is or quit the game early on. Me? I want to see the day when the new version will allow your hero card to wield viable weapons, which subsequently may be charmed or placed amulets on its slots, giving some additional elemental damage or perks, or something.

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On our current titan, my scores look like a bad darts player: 39k - 6k - 28 k - 16 k. Which is the RNG and heavy stacking on my part combined, but still dumfounding.

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I will reviews your points

  1. yes thats annoying, very bad board
  2. i hate when the RNG do this… But i can still win raids
  3. i dont use arrows, i uses axes
  4. TRIGGERED thats annoying, i stack 3 yellow and sometimes… Poof big misses
  5. it’s a thing, and IA is coded like this… The IA bas more chances to attack: lowest health, max mana heroes, lowest defense, the same hero multiple times in a row… And this is one of the big reasons i lose in raids… … … ULTRA TRIGGERED

That is because of the attack stat soft cap and scarcity of 3* / 4* battle items and ingredients. But Rumored Hunter’s Lodge will help improve rare titans. Possibly also enough titan parts for regular titans also, but live server drop rate unknown.


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Wow, you got a 70K hit against a titan!?

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I forgot to add - I don’t mind getting a combination of the above points from times to times, that’s OK!! But all I wanted complain about is the repeating situation, where after a huge luck there is always a series of battles with “100% sadness” mode, where all of the mentioned points happen at the same time!!

Hope that makes more sense now

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I have been playing the game for over 16 months now
You cant always get high damage on titans no matter what even if you stacked tornadoes and everything possible to help you get good boards i usually get the highest damage on purple titans thanks to wu + guardian jackal, we had a streak of 3 purple titans in a row, i managed to hit the first one 2 hits over 90k and the third hit was barely 16k, second titan got one hit 116k and the other 2 didnt even reach 40k, third titan was a joke all my hits was really bad and averages 150k total with 5 hits
Stuff like that happens
If you want all your hits to be in the same range you shouldn’t stack one color as the odds might be in your favour or against it


There are good players.
So how do they do that?


It’s obviously a conspiracy! :rofl:

Edit: I’m just going to go listen to weird al’s foil now!


You get to be a good player only for an hour every 10-14 days depending on how many times you swear (it doesnt mind if its loud or in your head)



And when you do get that window, someone in your alliance will complain that you did it on purpose to beat their score.

However, Boss Triton in Atlantis hard modes is super dodgy. He hits like a truck and keeps one-shotting my fat heroes even with Kiril’s defense buff. My triton hits like a wet noodle by comparison. Me sad.


What kind of alliance you are in :rofl: never ever seen a member complain about someone beating their score


This is called regression to the mean. Also known as “Sports Illustrated Cover Curse”



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I dont know if this has been ever brought up, but is the titan ‘‘growth’’ on par with your heroes and level?
I kinda already said this in another thread and somebody tried to say that the memory is a very fallible tool, but i know for sure that i had some titan teams [red - green] doing really good, not only occasionally or with only nice boards. My mono red was doing 30k/40k without Wu and this was months back when i used to have a 3450 TP. Now im 3.9k with lots of heroes maxed and better troops and my results are really fluctuating and to be honest much worse, 11k 26k 15k 8k ect.
This is not another ‘‘my memory is failing question’’ or ‘‘bad boards can happen everyday B’’.
This is a simple ‘‘Does the AI/Game/Titan grow simultaneously with your number of heroes/power/your level/troops, in short you grow he grows?’’ question.
To be specific i’m hitting the same titans as before - 8* 9* 10*. So its not that maybe before i was hitting 5* and now 10* so its obviously supposed to be harder.

I also feel like I am getting good boards against specific colors of Titan.

Also the RNG of the color of Titan is broken we have regularly the same color Titan in a row

haha I just love that sentence.

Can confirm, the devs had chosen some players to be good!!! Luckily i was right there in the spot and got chosen too…

Unfortunately, the devs only gave me 1 color to be good; that sucks!!!

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