Game disconnecting

Last two days I have been having an issue with the game connection. Sometimes it will not connect or when in game disconnect or become extremely slow. Trying to check rankings or player profile can take over a minute to load. This morning, I was booted out of the game several times for server maintenance but was never warned that the maintenance was going to begin on the server.
I have checked that I have the newest version of the game and my device software is up to date.
Other alliance members have reported the same thing.
Please check into this issue, seems to be getting worse.


I have had similar issues the last days.

Searching for players to Raid also takes a lot longer than before. And the popup saying there are no available players to raid pops up now and again.

Same, looking at someone’s profile or rerolling a raid takes ages. Had a solid 15 mins when I couldn’t get into the game (at least, i put my phone away after) - happens very frequently the last couple of days.

The sad thing about this is when you are attacking the titan or doing other important things. I hade a alliance member dc on the titan.

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I have had the same issue and I have verified it is not my carrier nor my phone. The issue is only with this game.

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Hi! Unfortunately we faced a few server-side issues during the past weekend but they should be resolved. Our apologies for any inconvenience these caused!


Thanks Petri. The game disconnected again this morning;but it may have been before you resolved the issue. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for the update. I have not had it happen this morning so I assume it is all good now. :grin:

I have been getting disconnected about every 5mins for the last 2 days and had 6 disconnects when attacking Titans

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You may wish to contact Game Support if turning off the game (or your phone) doesn’t fix this:

Thank you rook that did the trick.

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I’m having the same problems

Have you contacted Game Support, as I suggested to you in another thread? :slight_smile:

I play 5 min ago in the advance level and after a few minutes before last team in the level I was disconnect from the game and the game rest imself and I lost the 12 energy pls check the problem

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lost 13+13+13+15+15 !!!
3x100 diamond
3 bottle red


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For those still having an issue with connectivity:

sincerely I was sick because I bought 3 red bottles to do the business and 2 went to be blessed because I went into business and fell the connection … petri asked me the schedules and I also provided screenshots but no one has me back in 1 or 2 or 3 bottles that I threw … indeed no one has more than me reply to the mail … totally abandoned … and I would say that after 5200 euros in 8 months is a deplorable thing

I know that they were closed for the holiday, as per their FAQ notification. They should be back in the saddle today, answering requests in the order received.

I hope you hear good news soon. :slight_smile:

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Support (Small Giant Games)

Apr 3, 11:16 EEST

Hi ChRiS,ChRiS,

First of all, my apologies for the delay in response.

It looks like the issues you have experienced are related to issues with connectivity.
Empires & Puzzles is an online multiplayer game, it’s essential that you are connected to a reliable network and your device signal is strong.
Please try the following troubleshooting tips:
Restart your router (Turn off power then unplug. Plug back in, turn on power and try reconnecting)
Move your router. Depending on your router’s range, objects like thick walls can interfere with the signal.
If you are using a wireless connection, check your router configuration and make sure the port 8443 is open.
Contact your service provider for further information.
Try another internet connection. We recommend playing over wireless (wifi) connection.

Please note that we unfortunately cannot offer compensation for problems related to connectivity.

I hope these will help and good luck in the battles!

I’ve been playing for 8 months and you come to tell me now what door do I have to open? but do you think I sleep? I’m at level 44 and I have a power of 4189 team … I arrived by chance? the problem of connectivity was certainly not due to me but to your work on the servers and updates that you have messed up with the Easter event …
but what do you care about my money spent? you just have euro do not care to compensate a customer, you just earn … I do not know whether to give you politicians or escorts … however, keep your bottles of cabbage you only gave me one more reason to abandon this game little serious managed by arrivals people. many greetings!

The past week I have the same problem. The game keeps disconnecting, then reconnects immediateltly and if I am in the middle of a raid, quest, crafting, or receiving anything, I lose it. It happens several times a day, and it is really frustrating. I don’t have this problem with any other apps I am using. Only this game. It is not my internet connection.

In addition the app keeps freezing and is really slow when it is working.

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