Game crashing when opening s4 still and during war hits

iphone 6 ios 12 … still crashing …
even more with new update …
crashed during a winning war hit and for a 0 … please fix. 1 out of 4 times I open s4 it crashes too

It appears you are the only one having this issue. If it was really a bug, a glitch or an unannounced wrong or error in the programming or coding, you would not be alone raising this concern. So far, game crash raised here as a complaint, bug or issue may not be attributable necessarily to the game, but on the player’s end.

i have the same problem so you are not alone in this matter.

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Thank you I know ppl have some to peer support with the same issue and others … if t was only me I’d drop it but I cleared my phone and tried everything I think some just are scared to speak up… can’t imagine why…

I’m sorry you’re still having this issue with the game @Tea. :frowning:


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