Game Crashing regularly

It has happened to me at least 3 X in last 2 days with the game crashing during quests and raiding.

Screen goes black and game ends. I lose the flags and in one case the points and rewards from previous raid win. Very irritating!

It’s problably your energy settings.

Especially Huawei has agressive battery management which kills apps that demand high power. It gets worse on older phones that have trouble keeping charge.

Look in de power settings for options that kan kill apps and disable that.

I don’t get an error message the app just stops. I have a late model Samsung with the game exempt from all power management. So I can confidently say, it’s not that. Has only been happening since the last update.



The same thing happened to me this morning during war. We lost by 17 points. I had the whole team down besides Thoth at half life. It was a sure kill. This wasn’t a device login issue. It just went out. Cost my alli the war. Just kicked me out and had to connect again. Happened 10 to 15 minutes before end of war.

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You will never get a straight answer.
It’s always your fault I live on wifi both my phones and tablets.
When I get a correction error to be fair isn’t very often, my other devices are running smooth, Plus my phone I use see full wifi can use Internet anywhere else but not on the game. :woman_shrugging:

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I have some alts I play on, old phones connected to Wi-Fi so I know what you mean. This was different because it just stopped. No reconnecting error message, but the whole thing just stopped like I never opened it in the first place. Hasn’t done that in the year or so I’ve been playing. First time. Hopefully the last. Wouldn’t matter to me if it happened on a titan or on a high stage, but for it to happen in war when you already took out 95% of the team. Minor ghosting to finish, costing the war, it matters. Glitch up anywhere else just not in war. I got back in to see a 0. If the points didn’t cost us the war. I wouldn’t bother. They just did this time. I had that team.

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